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22/11/2012 in Uncategorized

The phrase used in line three
“Hey! Do you remember that thing ?”
Is not my own original work.
Actually I misheard the lyrics
Of a Syd Straw song
At the end of movie on telly
Starring Uma Thurman
And Minnie Driver.

If I were an English prof
Critting my own poems
I’d take a red pen and write:
Too many words and too much nostalgia

And the phrase used in line three
(and also  line sixteen)
“Hey! Do you remember that thing ?”
Would be a neat heading
To scribble on a shoebox
In which I would put
All the “too much nostalgia” poems
And hide the shoebox
Down in the wine cellar
In the hopes that  the poems
Like a well made red wine
Will improve with age
And mature.

And one fine day
I could go down to the cellar
And choose a fine merlot
And pick up the shoebox
And open them both
And settle down at the television
And watch a re-run of an Uma Thurman movie
Also starring Minnie Driver.

Hey! Do you remember that thing ?

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