A DEL-icate Dish, Really Awful

February 8, 2013 in Food, humour, Nonsense rhyme, Really Awful Rhyme

Frikkadel (meatball)

Frikkadel (meatball)

 Adele was a bit of a freak;
One thing she did do well:
To make a meatball was her treek;
She called it Freak Adele.

Wors (or Boerewors – farmers sausage)

And when she got up every morn
She’d make a sausage course;
And out of this habit there was born,
‘To go from bed to wors.’

Koeksuster (cook sister) sweet confection.

Koeksuster (cook sister) sweet confection.

Her siblings all fail to survive –
The plaits of them are neat;
Fried, dunked in syrup, they derive
A koeksuster sweet treat.

 © February 2013 Colonialist (WordPress/Blogs24)

7 responses to A DEL-icate Dish, Really Awful

  1. I thought Adele sings well?
    I thought that it is pretty swell
    That Adele sings well?

    • That, one can always tell –
      Voice sound as a bell;
      She should use it to sell
      Each tasty Freak Adele!

      • Hi there sweet meat
        Pass on the treat
        Also those made with wheat
        Baked and all brown and neat:)

        • Hi – I have been unable to get into my own blog for ages, and my squeals for help were ignored. Finally got it right with a different browser.
          You seem to be keeping the blogsite alive virtually single-handed!

  2. Some help is always welcome.
    Why not insert a counter so that you can see whether visitors come?

    • And utter disinterest is highly annoying!
      Wouldn’t that be rather like putting a rain guage in the Namib?

      • I was rather surprised at the number of visits to my blog when I inserted the counters a few months ago. Never dreamed that viewers were visiting…. so I blogged more frequently and they keep coming. Few comments but lots of views:)

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