January 31, 2013 in Current Affairs, humour, Really Awful Rhyme

How to make trains run on time.

Commuters in Umlazi get

Put under lots of strains,

And to express displeasure set

Alight offending trains.


A bunch of this lot’s breth’ren stole

Some cable from the track

Which sends the signals up the pole

Until it gets put back.


The manual system that is used,

When current there is none,

Seems rather to have been abused -

For practice there was none.


And thus two trains met nose to nose,

With something of a crunch:

Collision which quite clearly shows

Some brains were out to lunch.


The blockages upon the line

Caused other trains to run

Extremely late; commuters whine

That waiting is no fun.


And so, they threw some rocks at trains -

Quite logical to do;

Much better than if one complains,

And exercises, too!


This didn’t seem to do the trick,

So next they did aspire 

To show, of waiting, they were sick,

By setting trains on fire.


In Africa,  if horse won’t go

Because it has a fetter,

You simply kill it with one blow

To get it going better.

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