January 26, 2013 in Current Affairs, Really Awful Rhyme

Again regarding the First National Bank ads featuring youth giving their ideals for the future, it appears the bank has been repeating apologies.  What an idiotic reaction from all sides.  The government lost a wonderful opportunity of saying that they were taking note of all the perceptions and ideals of these inspiring young people, with a view to addressing the issues raised.  The bank and agency lost an opportunity for putting the stupid politicians in their places by vigorously defending the rights of the youth to have expressed their views, unscripted as they insist they were.


‘Everything in our garden is quite lovely  -

It’s treachery to say that it is not,

And also it is quite the board above-ly,

No nasty little secrets have we got.


‘To say that traffic safety is appalling,

Or that the transport system is a mess,

Is simply unacceptable and galling,

Demanding that the error you confess.


‘That youth believe there is a lot of crime here

Is just a bunch of most malicious lies!’

Thus ANC go into tantrum-time here,

Demanding that the bank apologise.


And though the garden has more weeds than flowers,

And looks as though unmade is every bed,

One must conform to views of ruling powers,

And say that it is beautiful instead?


Apologies should not have been forthcoming

Regarding youth perspective clearly said,  

And in response to ANC tantrum-ing,

They should have been invited to drop dead.


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  1. Hello O Wise Meerkat
    I am calling from the bat cave and all is well.
    I see the wise words are still flowing, it’ s great to see the mind is still sharp.
    Your little grand angel must be huge by now.
    Ouma Bat is now granny of two little girl bats (or should I say brats?).
    The Batty One

    • I was wondering how you were doing just the other day! Given up blogging? I am mainly on WordPress with many others. I’d love to see pics of the batlets. Ours are certainly growing, and youngest is a paid model who went for another casting shoot today.
      All the best!

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