January 22, 2013 in Current Affairs

The ruling African National Congress in its various forms has reacted to an ad campaign by First National Bank in South Africa with what is tantamount to an admission of guilt on all counts.  They ‘protest overmuch’.

In response, the Bank has withdrawn the ‘prosecution’.

This is what the drama unfolding at present amounts to.  The campaign was based on a First National Bank ‘You Can Help Campaign’ where youth set out their aspirations for the future.  Inevitably, in so doing they highlighted some of the things wrong at present – crime, violence, corruption, and lack of incentive for all groups together to drive the economy. 

The ANC, clearly reacting out of a guilt complex, has launched into streams of utterly empty-headed rhetoric condemning the campaign and demanding apologies.

Unfortunately First National Bank, obviously looking nervously at its lucrative government accounts, has cravenly backed down and withdrawn most of the ads.  This, even though it is clear that the accusations of an attack against the government are ludicrous.  The youth who spoke out were merely reflecting the shortcomings and ideals as they see them in the present context, and if this led to implications of criticism of the ruling regime who is to blame?

The quality of debate from pro-government sources is typified by the following gem, quoted as being from a person with a number of degrees related to education, ‘… said it was insulting for a child to be seen reading a script insulting an elder’.  Insulting is insulting?  How remarkable.  Especially if it isn’t, but merely points out known conditions.

Furthermore, East Coast Radio reports, ‘The ANC said the bank should not use children to make political statements in a manner disrespectful to elders that disregarded sacrifices made in the 18 years of democratic government.’  Again, characteristic outdated ‘Struggle’ or revolution thinking.  When are they going to realise that it is the here and now that matters, and that if ‘Struggle’ heroes cannot perform in it, they need to stand aside instead of feeling that they are owed leadership positions?  Respect must be earned, and does not come automatically with greater age.

A final, typical gem:  ‘The South African Communist Party strongly condemns this action as highly irresponsible, reckless and unbecoming of any institution calling itself a bank,’  Utterly empty rhetoric, without any logic or substance.  Of course, that is in common with Politicalese the world over, but still.

The only ones who come out of this with considerable credit are the youth who expressed these ideals.  The examples still on YouTube are well worth viewing. 

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