January 19, 2013 in humour, Nonsense rhyme, Really Awful Rhyme, Wordplay, Writing

It can be extremely vexic

When I tend to be lysdexic -

If you ask for Pentas seeds

I may bring you centipedes.


Should you say the chores need doing,

You would find the doors I’m chewing

And if asked to warm a fish,

 I might simply form a wish.


You would find I’d bought a wattle

When the list said water bottle;

And if told, ‘You!  Listen here!’

I’d respond with hiss and leer.


If you wanted scones, well battered,

All you’d get is bones, well scattered;

And, instead of eating grapes,

You would find me greeting apes.


Don’t ask me for stunt that’s cunning –

The response might send your running;

Also, not to fry a tart

While inside; it isn’t smart! 


She gets food; I see her nanny …

Hang on!  This is getting ban-ny!  

I must back off quite a bit,

Lest I get to shuck or fit.

© January 2013 Colonialist (WordPress/Blogs24)

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