January 11, 2013 in Really Awful Rhyme

While it is heartening to see

This site still has survival,

Suppose it far too much would be

To hope for an arrival

Of all the vast activity

In days of yore that we would see –

And it is quite a mystery

It suffers such deprival.


© January 2013 Colonialist (Blogs24)




  1. Much could be done to improve the site. But I don’t wanne move. But it is sad what has happened.

  2. No mystery at all. The old site used to aggregate across all the blog titles. This one doesn’t, so no food, sport etc. and also so many people have moved to Facebook and Twitter because it’s ‘instant’.
    Mind you having said that some of the regulars have stopped posting anywhere — Madmom are you listening?..

    • It really does seem to be a hiding to nowhere. I really miss Madmom and many of the other old regulars, who don’t even seem to be on WordPress where many now play. I have given up duplicating my posts there, here.

  3. Checking in:)
    How are you doing?

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