January 1, 2013 in humour, Nonsense rhyme, Really Awful Rhyme, Wordplay

Ebriated is good to be in;

One gets there quite quickly with gin,

But once in, no doubt,

You quickly pass out –

With such ins and outs, you can’t win!


To greet a New Year in, a bit,

You do need resolution –

No, put those weapons down, you twit,

That wasn’t, ‘Revolution’!

And though revolting (as we know),

You have no need to do it,

For resolution you can show,

Not make one to get through it.


The fools have been at it once more

With firework shows by the score;

They just couldn’t care

When pets go all spare,

Or those who would sleep

Their hours must keep;

Like kiddies with toys

Who like a loud noise

They have no regard for the law,

And carry on just as before –

Some rockets up rectums let’s stuff

To show them we’ve had quite enough.


© December 2012 Colonialist (WordPress/Blogs 24)

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