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We chose to have another Christmas with dinner and the whole works for the returned contingent on Sunday rather than on 31st or 1st,  and this time a party of nine was involved.  Great gorgings of grub were prepared, and then consumed in spite of a particularly steamy day again.  The pool has featured large lately.

  My contribution was another mammoth fruit salad involving bananas, apples, pineapple, grapes, pawpaw, lemons, cherries and raisins.  

Before the traditional roast turkey we had this starter – soup herb indeed, if you take the mint into account.   Otherwise it was whipped up by Younger Daughter based on cucumber and celery.


I have gained some more loot at our second gathering around the Christmas Tree.  An engraving tool, a radio-controlled racing car to be shared with young R, a German-system soprano recorder with a particularly nice tone, a fantasy novel, and a first-edition copy of Too Late the Phalarope by Alan Paton.  I wasn’t too sure what a phalarope is, but now know it is a sandpiper-like bird with toes lobed for swimming.

The kids received more parcels than they could deal with.  They are definitely spoilt rotten – but that’s what happens when they are simply so adorable.  J is talking up a storm, but at this stage one cannot yet make out what she is saying. Her sister is sometimes in the same category, as illustrated here:  

  R ambles out onto the patio where an animated discussion is taking place   - regarding certain blog posts, as it happens – and interrupts with a loud, ‘Gran, there’s no such thing as a composteria.’
We all look at her blankly until Sr-i-l finds her voice.  ‘What’s a composteria?’ she asks.

‘I have no idea,’ R says casually, and wanders back in again.

  ‘Conversations here are surreal!’ Sr-i-l comments.  

Even after several weeks the beach is better from a distance than from close up and personal – the remnants of the riverbank de-littering are still everywhere, as I saw during my walk there it today.  Of course, all the extra stuff adds interest for the pooch pack, and from home it is hardly visible so the scene still looks appealing.


Happy New Year to one and all –

May two-oh-one-three be a ball! 

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