December 20, 2012 in Writing

Last week I made the horrible mistake of being persuaded by a pop-up to update one of my browsers.  The result was a nightmare.  I didn’t instruct the wretched thing to assume the role of default, but it did anyway.  Then it banished to terra incognito all the ones that actually worked.  When I tried to use it, it simply sat and blinked at me for ages before (very occasionally) allowing a page to appear.  It refused to be uninstalled.  Finally, I managed to dredge up another one of the browsers I had been using and nominated it as default.  That has left the other one sulking in the background, but I still have to figure out how to kill it.

Anyway, I have resumed communication extremely late to announce that at 18h00 today there will be an official Gauteng launch of my Forest Circle Quest (together with Marie Marshall’s Lupa and the eagerly-awaited next in the Lyz Russo Solar Wind series, Freedom Fighter).   Just in time for Christmas!

This will be at the Glenstantia Library, south of Pretoria.

I do realise that this leaves rather little time for people in the USA or UK etc to get there.  Pity.

The eleventh-hour confirmation of venue has meant I have not been able to arrange to get up there in person either, but I intend to be there in spirit – and via internet!

Now – will I be able to get this posted?  *tries to push buttons while holding thumbs*FCQ COVER FRONT AND BACK  (R)

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