December 14, 2012 in Journal, Really Awful Rhyme, Wordplay

I simply do not have the time to write out anything in rhyme.  A poem is a hopeless task – the whys and wherefores, just don’t ask!  If I attempt a little ditty, all it would gain is lots of pity, and should I try a bit of verse, I’m sure that it would turn out worse.  So even if I got it right to find the time, it would be trite.  Thus, as this here preamble shows, all I can give is boring prose.


I finally have to accept that all my best endeavours are not going to get results on current projects before Christmas.  I had high hopes that at least the Immy series would be done and dusted in time, but I encountered a never-ending string of technical hitches to be overcome.  Although daylight is emerging, it is still going to take a lot of time and effort to bring it to the latest vision of coming out not only in A6 books (those are done) but also as jewel case booklets accompanied by DVD.  The latter will contain two versions, one with the slides of each page accompanied by music, and one with the music in the background against a reading of each page.   Thus the reading out loud can still be done by child/parent/teacher as originally intended, but with the backup of a version that does that task as well.

A collaboration on poetry (nonsense verse, in my case!) which I was also hoping would be in time will take longer than estimated, too.  Some may have guessed which blogger in USA will be the other half of this endeavour – if not, announcements should come soon.

On thing which has made it in time is the Mercury Silver collection, which to my surprised gratification has included three of my tales.   With the quality of writing there, I think I am in distinguished company.


We have had a good deal of descending damp, which has caused a lot of chaos.  The train pictured had an urge to go maritime.  My enthusiasm for train travel has subsided a bit after seeing that and also after hearing about a train in Australia many years ago which was utterly destroyed as a result of a lightning strike.  A friend we dined with recently was on it with his family, but they and everyone else on it were able to alight before IT was fully alight and became an ex-train.

We also have assorted creatures appearing happily, such as this giant snail, flat-shelled rather than conical as was the one I previously posted.  These are supposed to be the carniverous ones and therefore the good guys.

This tree frog was far larger than ones I have seen before.  He almost looks as if made of plastic!

IPart of my recent silence has been due to the fact that I am having the utmost difficulty in posting and in loading pictures.  Whether there is a glitch in the computer or on the site, I wot not.  Anyway, take sundry choice imprecations as duly uttered.


  1. Them eyes of the Holder of the Frog. ‘Corngrass’ on all the successes and exciting projects!

  2. Thanks!
    FINALLY I managed to approve latest comments – the ‘Approve’ function was just giving me red squares and rude gestures, before.

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