My Beauty Secret

February 16, 2013 in Chronicles of Han Storm Blogs, Healing Oil Products

“I want skin like yours!” is a common exclamation when meeting fans for the first time.

“What have you done to your skin, it is looking younger and more radiant each time I see you” is the other compliment I receive from regular visitors.

The answer: Healing Oil Products, specifically our anti-aging serum (natural ‘botox’) Rejuvinit Gold.

This is the start of my third year on the product and I only use two drops once or twice a week. Our products are economical and you use less as your skin tone improves.

Fans sharing my secret cannot believe the improvement in their own skins. It is amazing to watch someone (men and women) transform right in front of you. Old acne scarring disappears with the use of Rejuvinit Beauty Oil and wrinkles are ‘ironed out’ over a a few months with Rejuvinit Gold.

I am grateful and love my husband even more for developing these wonderful products for me. I too, cannot believe that four years ago I was a recluse, hiding away from the world due to burn scarring in my face, on my hands, arms and legs.

My husband and his oils gave me back my life, and not just mine for so many other people benefit from it as well.

Once again: Thank You, Ronald, and your wonderful Healing Oil Products!

Anti Aging Serum - natural botox - Rejuvinit Gold anti-ageing serum

Anti Aging Serum – natural botox – Rejuvinit Gold anti-ageing serum – Beauty Secret of H Gibson, Author of Chronicles of Han Storm

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  1. Please send me the cost of the natural anti aging oil



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