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If you love The Matrix, Avatar, Dune, Stargate or Lord of the Rings, these books are a must have!

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The Chronicles of Han Storm Books:

Adventure, Sci-fi Science Fiction, Metaphysical, Romance

Preserving Creata – Book 1, Part 1-7, Book ISBN 978-0-9921928-0-8

Preserving Creata – Book 1, Part 1-7, eBook ISBN 978-0-9921928-1-5


Adventure, Sci-fi Science Fiction, Metaphysical, Romance, Drama

Reclaiming of Duback – Book 2, Part 8, Book ISBN 978-0-9921928-2-2

Reclaiming of Duback – Book 2, Part 8, eBook ISBN 978-0-9921928-3-9


Action, Sci-fi Science Fiction, Adventure, Horror, Romance, Drama

Taming Encha – Book 3, Part 9-10, Book ISBN 978-0-9921928-4-6

Taming Encha – Book 3, Part 9-10, eBook ISBN 978-0-9921928-5-3


Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Drama, Sci-fi

Leilaka, Book ISBN 978-0-9921928-6-0

Leilaka, eBook ISBN 978-0-9921928-7-7


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  1. I do hope that you are going to be elaborating further on this topic. I am used to a bit more information.

    • Hi Candace
      No, I am not going to elaborate on the topics. The complete, comprehensive and contextual information are available in my books and can be purchased in downloadable PDF format from the website at South African Rands R80 per book. This is about 8US dollars per book. Please visit for more information.

  2. Hi there, I wish for to subscribe for this blog to get hottest updates, therefore where can i do it please assist.

    • Hi Mira.
      Thank you for your request. You have been added to mailing list of The Chronicles of Han Fan Club and will receive updates of new Blogs placed. For the convenience of my readers, all Blogs had been moved/copied to the website of Chronicles of Han and can be read at the click of a link. Go to for a compilation of all the Blogs and extracts from the Books or to purchase books and e-books.
      Happy Reading.

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