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Happy “renewed” year

7 January 2013 in Uncategorized

So 2013 has come, and with it a renewed commitment to serving my team as a valuable and inspiring leader.

This is a concept that I’m going to have to plant and nurture – SERVING my team, as opposed to commanding them. Jesus is the best and most inspiring example of true leadership: He didn’t force His people to do things; He didn’t expect respect and obedience; He didn’t hurt others for their disobedience…He was a living example, a gentle, understanding and encouraging leader. He truly loved His people, and respected them as individuals. He listened to them, and took time to understand them.

When you realise that you are seen as an individual with ideas and feelings, and your leader is not off on his or her own tangent, taking advantage of their position, but rather living the same rules and expectations – this grows respect, and with respect comes a desire to do your best.

As a servant leader, you need to look not at what’s best for YOU, but at what’s best for your TEAM. And there is no “I” in TEAM.

Be the mirror image of what you would like your team to be:

  • Serve your team with honesty, and it will reflect back on you and to you.
  • Be the first to give respect, and it will grow and be returned.
  • Live by the same set of rules that you put in place for your team – this is leading by example.
  • See your team as people, not workhorses, and they will realise their own value in your eyes. After all, you are a person too and it’s not a nice feeling to be considered a number rather than an individual.
  • Look for ways to make your team grow – as a team and individually. This is a regular “reapplication of glue” that keeps spirit and passion for their jobs alive.
  • Realise that “work” is only one part of your team’s lives, and they work to live, not live to work.

Wishing everyone a great 2013, with this prayer to start off the year:

Dear Lord, thank You for renewing us over the very special holidays where we celebrated Your Son’s birth – a birth that brought hope and joy to the world, as the ultimate example of a LEADER came down from heaven to show us the way. Help us Father to live by Jesus’ example, and to always think WWJD before making any decisions that will affect our colleagues in our workplaces. Help us Lord to be courageous, strong, righteous and steadfast in following the rules that you set for us as leaders – and lead by Your Spirit, not by our own understanding. We pray this in Jesus’ precious Name. Amen.

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