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Christian manager in training

18 December 2012 in Uncategorized

I decided to start this blog after coming through a really tough year with the team of people with whom I work. I did everything wrong that I possibly could; made so many wrong decisions – and in the process lost the trust, respect and love for their work of a group of talented people whom I was supposed to manage and lead.

A little bit of history

Having reached the level of manager through working from the ground up, the skills I entered into the position with were gained from observation of my own managers – not through training. First problem identified. So all the decisions I needed to make came from gut-feel rather than applied knowledge. Note to self: gut-feel ain’t all that reliable when it comes to dealing with a very diverse group.

So you can imagine the fun that Circumstance had with me! The unhappiness probably hit me harder than my team – I am a person who likes to inspire others, to generate excitement about projects, that I feel myself – so walking into the office every day knowing that people wish I hadn’t, wasn’t the best feeling.

I considered resigning and moving on to other opportunities. Many times. But something told me to just wait; things were going to happen; I mustn’t give up fighting for my team, for myself; I must ask for help. My journey with this team was nowhere near finished…

I didn’t know what to do or which way to turn. So I started praying with a colleague, another manager who had seen the devastation in my team. I prayed for my team; I prayed for guidance for myself; I prayed for clarity. And slowly, slowly (because we never can learn lessons quickly, can we?) I started to feel the movement of a Great Mentor – and I started to learn.

First lesson

The first lesson I had the privelege to learn was: “Why didn’t you ask me sooner?” Yup – I had tried hordes of solutions to this problem, and nothing had worked. I had tried a variety of avenues…except the one that would help me the most. God.

Believe it or not, there are stacks of management principles in the Bible, just waiting to be read and applied. My problem was that there are SO many management books out there – where does one start? Which one will fit your personality and turn you into the best manager you can be for the individuals reporting to you? At this juncture you may as well walk away from that haystack because there’s no chance you’ll find that needle!

As you start to really think about it, and spend proper quality time starting to unravel this vague idea of effective management, you will start to see that effective managment is really just basic human respect and interaction.


That’s all people really want – as staff, or as human beings. To be heard; their opinions, ideas and concerns respected and understood; and then to have something done about it, not just forgotten.

From here on…

I am sure there are many people who are in the same position that I was and am – and people who report to someone whom they feel is on the completely wrong side of the fence when it comes to managing them. I hope that this journey that God has placed me on will help you as well, as I share my experiences and lessons along the way.

Please send through any thoughts, comments and ideas that you have – they can benefit more people than you realise!

Yours in effective management: God’s way,


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  1. Our God is the God of second chance. He said we should call upon Him when in trouble and He will answer and show us great and mighty things we we know not.

    Christians should learn to approach God in prayer with issues bothering them. After all He can do all things.

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