incident at the Mall

December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday at our local Mall a jewellery shop was visited by theives carrying guns & a couple of people were shot. Thankfully I got there after the worst was over. My next-door-neighbour was there in the thick of it so I heard all the graphic details from her.  It started me thinking about us–the ordinary people. Isn’t it time we forgot black and?or white, Apartheid & “the good old days” & the excesses of JZ & concentrated on the good guys versus the bad guys? When my life gets disrupted by someone stealing my car I really don’t care if it was stolen by a black, a white or an alien from outer space.  I want him caught a& put away somewhere for a long time. I also want the right to be able to shoot him if I see him without someone sueing me because I shot an un-armed man. We seem to have turned into a society which feels sorry for the guy whose life has gone wrong. Blow that! Nobody’s life is a constant bed of roses. We should target the scrap iron places that happily buy stolen telephone wires or any dodgy goods offered to them. If only we were as sensible as animals. In thew animal kingdom if you upset the tribe you are dealt with swiftly. I admire the do-gooders who seek to rehabilite the drunks & the other offenders. The truth is that no-one can stop you except you yourself.

Right! That’s my moan for the day finished. Cheers for now.

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