I think I can do this

April 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is months since I blogged. Between my stupidity & this lap top having a hissy fit I just could not get in. Last weekend my son in law Russell straightened it out for me. So here goes. I won’t say much in case is doesn`t work.

Last weekend I saw Hitchcock the film & really enjoyed it. I went with my daughter & son in law. I was the only one who actually saw the original film Psycho. I vividly remember that shower scene. Scared me witless at the time. This Sunday I am at Monte Casino to see the Jersey Boys. I love musicals.

Easter week was hectic! I played not just for my own church but for a couple more who had no organist. It is a good thing that I enjoy playing music. I am also back to the pre-schools. I miss the children when it is holiday time. I really appreciate the fact that all teachers, bless them, need a holiday or they would all burn out. I see the pupils once a week for a few hours but they have it every day.

Now for the moment of truth!!!!! Will this machine let me post this? Here goes!

incident at the Mall

December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday at our local Mall a jewellery shop was visited by theives carrying guns & a couple of people were shot. Thankfully I got there after the worst was over. My next-door-neighbour was there in the thick of it so I heard all the graphic details from her.  It started me thinking about us–the ordinary people. Isn’t it time we forgot black and?or white, Apartheid & “the good old days” & the excesses of JZ & concentrated on the good guys versus the bad guys? When my life gets disrupted by someone stealing my car I really don’t care if it was stolen by a black, a white or an alien from outer space.  I want him caught a& put away somewhere for a long time. I also want the right to be able to shoot him if I see him without someone sueing me because I shot an un-armed man. We seem to have turned into a society which feels sorry for the guy whose life has gone wrong. Blow that! Nobody’s life is a constant bed of roses. We should target the scrap iron places that happily buy stolen telephone wires or any dodgy goods offered to them. If only we were as sensible as animals. In thew animal kingdom if you upset the tribe you are dealt with swiftly. I admire the do-gooders who seek to rehabilite the drunks & the other offenders. The truth is that no-one can stop you except you yourself.

Right! That’s my moan for the day finished. Cheers for now.

End of a Holiday.

December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I am going back home. I’ve had a great week. I caught up on my family & a Scottburgh friend who happened to be in Joburg at the same time as me.

I enjoy all the malls in this place. They are all bright, noisy, glitzy & totally alive.Another thing that I love is the variety of restaurants available. You can eat food from nearly any country on the planet. I belong to a supper club. There are twelve of us & we each are allocated a month. In your month you get to choose the venue. We could have a ball in this place.

I have also had a few lessons on getting into Face book, E mails & blogging. I firmly believe that if I press the wrong key on this lap top I will bring the whole communication system in the Southern Hemisphere to a creaking grinding halt.I am told this is not possible but still I am scared. Sometimes I get onto a site which I want but I have pressed so many keys I end up without a clue as to what I did right.My block of flats is not a good place to ask advice on things electronic. We are mostly middle-aged to elderly, to, in my case, totally senile.

I’ll say cheers & catch up later at home.


thick as two planks.

November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am more than challenged with technical things,. I am the class dunce. Only now do I feel real sympathy for some of the kids I went to school with. Then I couldn’t understand why they were so slow at grasping the basics of reading & arithmetic. These two subjects were so logical. So what was not to understand? Now some 70 years later I understand these poor kids. On a lap top—-I am one of them.

Today I have the pleasure of meeting up with a friend. We are separated by distance. She in KZN & me in Gauteng. Coincidentally we are both in Johannesburg this week & in adjoining suburbs. Wow! How lucky is that? So excuse me while I go & attempt to beat my hair into submission. Every morning I look at my hair & wonder what wild, wooly antics I have been up to during the night. Pole dancing? Formula one racing without a helmet? Sticking my finger into an electric socket? Who knows.

cheers for now.

Busy day

November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am in the big city of Johannesburg for a whole week! Yeah! I adore the shopping malls. As I have reached the age & stage where I don,t need any more tinkie- tankies in my life I get a great kick out of looking at lovely stuff without having the least desire to buy it. The ultimate freedom.

Another joy in my life today was sitting watching Tangled on T.V. O.K. It is a Walt Disney animated film but I loved every minute of it. So—sue me! The animation was wonderful. All the “baddies” got their just deserts in the end & all the :goodies: got their rewards.It was Happy-Clappy Land but so enjoyable for a simple mind.

Has anyone ever counted how many trees there is in Johannesburg & suburbs? Do you know how lucky we are to have endless trees? It reminded me of that ancient old song “Trees.” If I had R10,00 for every time I played that on the piano to accompany some young hopeful tenor I would be rich. I do remember & agree with the last two lines— Poems were made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.

I go back home on Sunday morning & I will be happy for ages afterwards as I am having a ball.

Cheers for now from Celtic Granny.

I am back.

November 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

My granddaughter put me on a blog site some years ago. I loved blogging every day .Somewhere along the line the blog site just disappeared. As I am old, technically challenged, (read stupid!) & very impatient I have been blogless for ages. Yesterday my son-in-law got me back to blogging so this is a happy day.

Hello all bloggers, old, young, fat, thin, black, white or purple polka dotted. I’m glad to be back!

Snail Races? You must be joking!

August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I confess that I am almost disinterested in sport. This morning I tuned into Sky News & I saw the ultimate in sport boredom. There is a village in France that hosts snail races. Yes snails,—- you know those slimy creatures that gobble stuff in your garden? People come to this village & bring their own snails. The snails are grouped in the middle of a round table. They are given team colours & the race begins. The first snail to get mobile & creep to the edge of the table is the winner. Do the humans watching have a life? The reward for the winning snail? I would have thought retirement to a luscious garden would have been appropriate but no. The winning snail is spared the cooking pot. His/her other slower brethren cooked & gobbled by the watching spectators. Here was I in my ignorance thinking that watching ladies at the Olympics standing stockstill, squinting their eyes & shooting missiles at a target was the ultimate in boredom. I was wrong. It has to be snail racing. Ah well the whole world is very odd. Thank the lord for the differences I say. We are all the victims of our genes.

Cheers from a somewhat bewildered blogger.

Olympics & books

August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had plans last night to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Alas! The best laid schemes o’ mice & men etc. I fell asleep in my chair. When I woke up again I gave up the struggle & went to bed. I crashed until six this morning. But with any luck I will be watching re-runs on T.V. for the next month.

Of course the excitement surrounding the Olympics was nothing compared to the excitement generated by our snowfall last week! As short & sweet as it was it was a really exciting happening. Yesterday morning when I went out at 8.15 as usual to go to church I was met by an icy & I mean icy wind. As an Afrikaans speaking friend explained to me, dit gaan deur murg & bene & that it did. For one mad moment I thought some geographical power had shifted Gauteng to the North Pole. How did I survive so many British winters? I have gone soft in my olds age. Roll on summer.

I am reading the Christopher Isherwood book, one of the Berlin Stories. This is the one that the show Cabaret is based on. In reading this I am astonished at the mind that could read this & evolve a show like Cabaret. It is a really dark story. A section of Berlin society at that time was in many ways perverted & sleazy. This is not Nora Roberts but I am enjoying it. In the meantime a friend has lent me three of John Grisham’s novels. They are crying out to be read as well. If I only had a robot trained to dust, sweep, polish, wash dishes, cook food, go shopping, answer the telephone & run my bath I could read & read & read. Maybe I am just bone lazy?

To prove that I am not lazy let me say cheers for now & go start washing bedclothes. 

Geriatric holiday

August 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Instead of having a public holiday on a Thursday why don’t the people in charge always pick a Friday? That way a lot of people would get the benefit of a week end. Instead of declaring the 9th of August to be Woman’s Day it should be the second Friday of August is Woman’s day whatever the date.

Looking at my calendar here I see the 16th is youth Day. Yet another holiday. It’s a mystery to me when I am at our local Mall to see the number of teenagers in school uniforms during what used to be school hours wandering around the shops. At my age I have become invisible to the youth. Generally speaking they are like a bitter cold wind. They would rather go through me as round me. Instead of Youth Day we should have a Geriatrics Day. There could be prizes for the person over 70 who could still turn cartwheels, touch their toes, dance a fandango, (what is that?)  There could be medals for the prettiest wheelchair or Zimmer frame. The possibilities are endless.

Enough! I must get back to the real world & have some breakfast, so cheers for now. 

Cabaret mostly

August 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

The snow made yesterday a day to remember. It came, I saw, it melted. While it lasted I had an enchanted garden. Somehow this morning my grass looks greener & all the trees & bushes look rejuvenated. Imagination? Probably.

I am still recovering from the effect of seeing Cabaret last week. I saw the film years ago & enjoyed it. I thought the stage version superior to the film version. I think perhaps the stage version is nearer the contents of the book. Nobody to blame for that. Hollywood has to put a superficial gloss on everything or at least it had to in the days when they first made Cabaret. On the stage there was no character who was lacking or weak. They all came across as believable. I don’t know when the show ends at Monte Casino but if you intend to see it don’t read any further as I will tell too much of the plot. 

It is a dark story to turn into a musical but it worked for me. Two songs stood out. In the film it was a young boy who sang the song about nature& the beauty of the land. In the stage version it was a lovely blonde young woman standing on a chair. You are lulled into a peaceful mood with the beginning words & lovely melody & then comes the chorus. “Tomorrow belongs to us”. The Nazi salutes start & you suddenly glimpse the true spirit behind this. Maybe it is hindsight but it gave me the creeps both in the film & more especially on the stage. The other song was ”If you could see her through my eyes.” I have never forgotten Joel Gray in the film singing this & my shock at the cruelty of it. The stage young man was equally, if not more, cruel. The Emcee of the Kit Kat Club is dancing with a gorilla. The audience is laughing at him. At the end of the song he sings with such a sweet cruel smile—“If you could see her through my eyes, she doesn’t look Jewish at all.” Even though I knew it was coming it still shocked me. One thing I don’t remember in the film was the finale where the Emcee takes of his leather jacket & reveals his yellow star which marks him as a Jew. It is such a contrast to the usual musical light hearted story where boy meets girl & etc., etc., & they all live happily ever after. I grew up with the Noel Coward & those other airy fairy Englishmen whose music I still enjoy so Cabaret is for me light years away from that era.

In November all being well I will return to Monte Casino to watch Dirty Dancing. As you can imagine my musical taste is very varied. Rap singers & Gospel singers excluded. Cheers for now,.