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What defines you?

January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

calvinbusiness imageThere are many answers to this question. But a wider perspective I want to take  in my blog also includes the question: what defines great business leaders.

This is an important question to ask because it relates to a code of conduct or  principles we all live by. We all know that people of the same values will draw  closer to each other and this is not because of race, culture or financial  wealth. What draws people closer (or further apart) is the set of values they  live by and perceive others (true or false) to live by.

I relate this to business because I find that I tend to do more business and  develop business relationships with people who have high moral values of trust,  honesty, humility  and respect.

These values will always be reflected in true business leaders.  They   have a sense of identity. They are confident and “comfortable in their  own skin”. Your moral principles forms your beliefs or your belief-system which  will ultimately define you as a person / business-person as well.

My question. Will you compromise your beliefs to get a “huge financial kick-back”  or make promises to clients when you know you “cannot deliver” but you want to  take their money?

We live in the era of the internet and companies (their owners and staff) can  no longer have a mask for their business and personal life to hide behind.  Social media connections are exposing the “bad boys” in business and you can no  longer hide who you really are.

Gentle reader, do not be caught up in views, opinions, media influences or critical   people who tell you who and what you  should think or how you should behave.
Follow you own moral compass and be  influenced by the principles of love and tolerance which you were brought up by  and managed not to lose along the way.

Folllow  your dreams  and set your goals based on true values. Do not let any person stand in your  way and limit you. Remember that you are not defined by circumstances, but that  you shape your own destiny according to your beliefs.

You are the only one who should have the courage to define who you are, and not allow the opinions nor the beliefs of other people to do it for you. Once you realize that you matter not because of your business title, level of wealth or education, you will find your voice and purpose and achieve great things. This is what great leaders might refer to as your destiny.

Apply noble and honorable business principles in all your affairs and especially  in your business and you will attract success and successful people into your  life. Birds of a feather flock together, This isn’t just a cute saying.  It happens.

Define your own self and shape your own destiny.

Calvin Dorman is a Professional Business Consultant and Web Marketing Lecturer from Cape Town, South Africa, offering companies and individuals more effective Web Marketing, one to one Computer Training and Graphic Design solutions. Send Calvin an email: or give him a call now on 084 632 6622. Read more of Calvin’s motivational articles at

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