The Fate of Our Constitution

December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Fate of Our Constitution

by Keith Broaders

Our government has been corrupted, the constitution has been
Our leaders have betrayed us, our resources they have tapped
Once we were the sovereigns, it is no longer true
The politicians have assumed that role, to. rob both me and
Our nation is in trouble and our republic is at stake
If we don’t stand united, our liberty they’ll take
Our founding fathers warned us, that if we were not alert
The bankers would steal our money, our trousers and our shirt
It is obvious that they have robbed us, it is clear for all to see
We are likely to become paupers in a land that once was free
Congress is filled with criminals and are simply nothing more
Than a agents of the bankers stealing from the poor.


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