Good morning every one, I see no one reads my blog any more.

November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well I use to have a few followers on my blog on Letterdash but now no one. Why what is wrong.

Anyway I dont worry ¬†as I guess it’s my blog, so I will just write what I want to and to hell with every one else.

MY cat.

9 responses to Good morning every one, I see no one reads my blog any more.

  1. i read a few of your posts..i read the ufo one yesterday…i dont comment much though….this whole new platform is just a dead end…..i no longer bother posting here…its like talking to yourself…..

  2. Yes I must agree with you, guess I am going to find another blog to keep me going, I did join one called Storylane, maybe if you look it up you might like it.Here is my web address for my profile.
    The one good thing about it is that you can copy all your pages from blogger to it, Oh well thanks for reading my ufo story. and Keep well.

    this is where i run my blog…..many ex letterdash there

  4. Well thats where I thought they had transfered my blog to, looks like I was wrong. I do have a word press blog, so will have to find it and see what is going on.

  5. Here is my web address for the word press blog site
    Not much on it, I was really confused as I thought that Letter dash and transfered all our blogs to wordpress. shows you I am getting senile.

  6. Your blog is read Carolyn, it’s just the hassle of capcha codes etc. that put alot of readers off replying with a quick answer, like on the old site. I shouldn’t give up hope yet…

    • Thank you, and I wont give up here, have just given up on Word Press. will not go back there again unless the send me an apology and free membership upgrade for a year. any way thats how I feel now. Never been banned on a blog in my life.

  7. howdy rum…..i keep an eye on this platform still but dont find its worth my effort to actually post…no one bothers to comment or enter into any form of exchange….i keep hoping that it may return to the easy going ,really fun banter,community cat fighting and very entertaining fun that it used to be….but alas…not yet.

    • Howzit GP- Yes, it’s almost as if the steam has run out of this site. Most of the blogs are serious enough to make me want to cry! Litnet on the otherhand seems to be thriving and have retained much of their old humour and banter. A lot of the old gang has obviously moved to WPress.

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