Toyota Car Scam. please read and dont get taken for a free ride.

November 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I received and email offering me a free toyota car, so out of curiosity I wrote to the owner of the so called car. Here is the email he sent back to me. Please note that this man has a problem of writing in English.

From: Cobus Woolley
Date: 2012/11/17 11:33:08 AM
Subject: 2005 TOYOTA RUNX White 140i RT, 5 Doors, Price


Thanks for your message regarding my car.Im verry sorry for
the late
of my reply. My car is still available, in a very good condition
everything is running well. I bought the car in South Africa inside
Pretoria with high price , the car is still registered in South
Africa. I know that it will suprise you that i’m selling the car with
this cheap price but the fact is that for a cogent reason I’m not
selling the car anymore, I’m giving it away on donation .

I have found a new job out of South Africa since 2 months and
im right
now in West Africa precisly in Republic of Benin with the car but
constitution here does not allow the Right Hand Drive car, that
is a
problem that I have so I decided to give the car away to
anybody who
can ship the car back to South Africa and take care of it well.

All i want is that you will pay me back the money that I spent to
bring the car here R12,000 when the car arrive in your city in
Africa. If you are ready to take the car, I have contacted a
Company here and they said the shipping cost to south africa is
R18,000 and it will take only four days for them to deliver the
car in
your city with all the cars paper works in order.

So the total cost that you will spend for the car is R30,000(Price
the ad). If you are ok with the situation explained above and
to pay this price please contact the transport company to have
details about the transport and the delivery service of the car in
your city inside South Africa.

Here is the Transport Company contact:



Tel : 0022995163749

Here is the car details:

Condution: Used
Manufactuer: Toyota
Year: 2005
Milleage: 180,000 km
Engine Zise: 1398 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transission: Manual
Doors: 5
Colour: White
Aircon,power steering,radio cd,remote central

Please get back to me once you contact the company for any
help or


Cobus Woolley

Toyota car

Toyota car

6 responses to Toyota Car Scam. please read and dont get taken for a free ride.

  1. At first: You should not quote that text exposing your email address (if that’s a valid one)!
    I guess that guy has a stolen car and wants to make some money of it. There are lots of strange business mails arriving in Europe. They mostly originate from Nigeria where the “mass mailing business” is located. And internet users have been warned that the “poor language” (English in your case) is by intention. So every reader with a minimum of sense is deleting the posting. Others are stupid enough to reply to that mail and most like get involved with that deal. That saves the scammers from wasting time with people who are asking questions, sending mails back and forth and still jumping off later on.

  2. The reason for not deleting the post, was that I wanted to see if I would get an answer to the email I then reported it to the Police
    I know it is a scam, was just trying to warn others that might get the email. Now it’s over to the police, as the email address they gave is a genuine one and could possibly be traced.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Those people have taken R57 000.00 from me with the promise that I was going to get a car that the were selling to me. the very same content they sent to you is what I received. I really dont known what got to me. I now have sleepless nights because of this.

    I have reported to the police, and I have given them the bank account that they gave me to send the money to.

    Its two months now and the police have done nothing about it.


    • Julia I am really sorry to hear this, and I do hope that something will be done by the Police, I suspected it was a scam when I received the email and thought the best way to warn people was to put it on my blog as well as News, so many people have been scammed out of their money trying to buy this car, it is a Nigerian scam. and I doubt that you and many others will never see your money again.Maybe you should see a criminal lawyer and ask for advice.

  4. I will never get my money again, but God is watching what they are doing to his people.

  5. All I wanted was a car for my children, and it was the first time I tried to buy a car.

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