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Questions and Answers From As You Wish Talk Radio,
Station 1 host James Gilliland. Recap.
There are a lot of feel good prophets out there that will tell you what you want to hear which seem to need your acceptance and approval or donations. I am not one of those. I love humanity and the Earth enough to tell you what you need to hear.  I also know everyone is eternal and this is just one garment and lifetime of many previous lives and there will be many future lives which will be determined by ones vibration or stage in evolution. There are those who have chosen to check out and those who want to continue here in the physical. There are even those who refuse to move forward in their own evolution that will need a harsh reality check. These messages are for those who want to evolve or continue in the physical with Earths evolution. The Sun and the Earth have an agreement and that agreement is to heal and continue to evolve to the next level. What you will see in the days to come is the fulfillment of this agreement along with the beautiful many Saints, Sages, Masters, Ultradimensionals and Nature intelligences all participating in this event.
There is a formula that was given as far back as the early eighties and that is Solar Flares, Planetary alignments, the Moon cylces all determine social, economic and physical Earth Changes. This has now become a science. If you have a major solar flare during certain planetary alignments especially during a full moon you are going to have a major impact on Earth.  We need to add other influences now to the equation such as passing bodies in space near our solar system and the alignment with Galactic plane. For those who need physical proof or data here are a few things to consider. The best proof is to pay attention. Get out in nature and make your own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection.
According to the USGS Earthquakes over 5 are off the scale and exponentially rising.
Hurricanes, tornadoes and super storms with tidal surges are unprecedented.
Magnetic fields of Earth are weak with major holes which is what usually precedes a magnetic pole shift
Upper atmosphere is diminishing major changes are measured in the thermosphere and ionosphere.
Solar flares are unprecedented with M and X class flares to the extent that NASA changed the scale. Major filaments are coming off the Sun as we speak. Next the quake magnitude scale will be changed to keep the illusion going that nothing is happening out of the ordinary.
There is strong evidence that certain dark elements are escalating the severity of these disasters using weather and Earth manipulating technologies.
NASA has however warned repeatedly about the solar maximum, cycle 24 and the likely possibility of loosing our power and communication grid.
In other words your plastic cards and ATMs will not bring you the goods you need.
We are entering the galactic plane alignment also referred to as the dark rift a place with extreme magnetic influences and a lot of dust and debri the high point of which will be on Dec. 23 2012. There will be major changes leading up to this event and after the event.  We are going to see even more intense solar activity along with a lot more meteor impacts and showers with most likely a magnetic and partial physical pole shift.
Remote viewers around the world with double and triple blind tests are seeing, cars pulled over to the side stopped in their tracks, major meteor impacts, the absence of power and communication grids, no military assistance, and major ocean displacements with a migration inland to higher ground all happening between now and July, 2013.
On another note there is a massive global movement to dig as many underground bases as possible, create seed banks, move the major military bases away from the coasts. In other countries these underground facilities are for the people in America they are only for the elite.  The banksters have looted the economy in America, other countries as well leaving it to crash most moving off to their safe havens at the people’s expense.
We have to ask the question why? What do they know? What is NASA, other agencies not telling us?
The last question you need to ask is what is your gut telling you, what are your dreams telling you. Are you able to connect with Nature and ask her where she is going? Do you live and work in a cubicle totally out of touch with Nature depending on mainstream news dedicated to maintaining the status quo for all you information?
We are not here to spell this all out for you, make all your decisions for you, or save you. This is very disempowering. We are only here to assist in the awakening and healing process, give a little heads up concerning the days to come. We know there will be those who live in denial, want an unsustainable status quo to continue even if it means the demise of the very platform for life, Earth. We also know there are those with a sense of entitlement or major victim patterns who do not want to take responsibility for their creations or hollow self demanding others fill their voids which will take major exception to these messages. There are even those who will up to the last breath will blame and project that which is unhealed within self on others in the egos attempt to exhalt self and rise above those they judge. This is self righteous spiritual ego in denial of the obvious. That is a free will choice with consequences by an eternal soul. Nonetheless this message has no agenda, no expectations, or need for acceptance or approval. Do with it As You Wish.
James Gilliland
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