Never forget what the ANC did to us during the years 1984-1988

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Terror Bomb Hurts 15 In South Africa

July 05, 1986|By Ray Moseley, Chicago Tribune.

A bomb exploded outside a Pretoria supermarket Friday, injuring 15 persons including two women who apparently had their legs blown off.

It was the third bombing in the country against civilian targets in the last two weeks. The government has blamed the banned African National Congress for the attacks.

Officials said the latest bomb was planted betwen two parked cars, next to a bus stop in front of a supermarket in the Silverton area of Pretoria, and went off at about 5 p.m. They said several of the 15 victims were seriously injured but they had no exact count immediately.

DURBAN 27 September 1999 – SAPA


 The 1986 Magoos bar car bomb which killed hree people and wounded 73 others on the Durban beachfront in 1986 was intended for apartheid security force personnel who frequented the establishments, the Truth and Reconciliation’s amnesty committee heard on Monday. The bomb was planted by Robert McBride, who was at the time a unit commander of the African National Congress’ special operations unit under the command of Aboobaker Ismail. McBride received three death sentences for the bombing but was given a reprieve when the ANC demanded an end to political executions as a precondition to negotiations with the National Party government, almost 10 years ago. McBride is currently a director in the Department of Foreign Affairs and is applying for amnesty for the bombing. In applying for amnesty for a number of incidents in and around Durban between 1981 and 1986, Ismail told the committee he accepted political responsibility for all the acts committed by former ANC operatives under his command. Ismail and McBride are among nine former Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) operatives applying for amnesty for these incidents at the Durban Christian Centre. In his testimony on Monday, Ismail said the Magoos bar bombing was to commemorate the June 16, 1976 uprising which began in Soweto, and in which hundreds of youths were shot dead by police countrywide. It was also to commemorate the June 14 raid on the Botswana capital, Gaberone in 1985 in which 12 people, including a six-year-old child died. Ismail said that during discussions with McBride in June 1986 they had talked about the possibility of carrying out an attack on the Natal Command military base on the Durban beachfront. McBride told him that security around the base had been stepped up. McBride was then instructed to identify other areas with high concentrations of “enemy personnel”, whether they were on duty or not. Ismail said McBride raised the possibility of civilian casualties and was then referred to a decision taken at the Kabwe conference in June 1985, where it was decided that civilian casualties should not stand in the way of executing the struggle against apartheid. McBride then informed Ismail that a number of possible targets had been identified which were frequented by off-duty security force members. Ismail said he instructed McBride to select a final target after further reconnaissance and to proceed with the operation. He said McBride was instructed in the construction of a car bomb and was supplied with the appropriate material, which McBride then brought into South Africa from Botswana. McBride was expected to testify in detail about events leading to the bombing after Ismail’s testimony. Advocate Tony Richards, acting on behalf of the victims, questioned Ismail extensively over what constituted a legitimate target. Ismail said it was policy that while civilian casualties should be limited, they should not stand in the way of further operations. Ismail also testified on his role in the May 1984 attack on the Mobil refinery, the explosion at the Jacob’s electrical sub-station in January 1986, and the escape from hospital of operative Gordon Webster in May 1986. Ismail said he did not know what had actually occurred during the attack on the Mobil refinery but had gathered from newspaper reports that RPG rockets had been used. All the operatives involved in the operation died. Ismail said he had recruited Webster into the special operations unit and Webster was sent on a course in Angola. He returned towards the end of 1985. “Comrade Gordon was instructed to strike at transformer sub-stations including power lines in the power network, to carry out operations against other strategic targets such as oil refineries, fuel depots and government infrastructure, and to carry out attacks on enemy personnel,” Ismail said. This was decided on to hamper the former government’s ability to function properly. Ismail said McBride was recruited into the special operations unit by Webster, who was then a unit commander, and was sent on a crash training course in Gaborone, Botswana. When he returned he joined Webster’s unit, which carried out several operations. “The specific targets were not chosen by special operations command. The unit operated with a measure of autonomy and discretion within the ambit of the policies and guidelines of the ANC. The unit commander and the operatives on the ground had authority to decide upon each target,” Ismail said. His testimony continues on Tuesday.


A Soweto man throws a grenade at 3 policemen, police retaliate and kill the man

4 January – Two people are killed and two others injured when their vehicle hit an anti-tank land mine at Stockpoort in the Ellisras area not far from the Botswana border

5 January – A policeman and a freedomfighter are killed at a police roadblock on East London / King William’s Town road

7 January – A grenade is thrown at a Railways policeman in Soweto

8 January – A Pretoria sub-station is damaged by an explosion

9 January – A limpet mine explodes at 21h15 and damages substation in Jacobs, Durban, later a second limpet explodes kills a policeman and injures other policemen and two electrical workers who arrive at the scene of the first explosion

18 January – Two limpet mines damage a sub-station in Westville, Durban

20 January – A coup d’état led by Major General Justin Lekhanya deposes Lesotho’s prime minister Leabua Jonathan and re-instates power to King Moshoeshoe II

African National Congress members based in Lesotho are deported to Zambia

20 January – Four limpet mines damage an electrical pylon near Durban at 20h45. A fifth mine probably aimed at the police and repair crew explodes later with no injuries

31 January – State President of South Africa Pieter Willem Botha outlines government policy on the restoration of South African citizenship to Blacks in the opening of Parliament


An explosion at a Durban sub-station

At De Deur, a limpet mine causes structural damage to sub-station

A hand grenade explodes in a Transkei minister’s official car

2 February – A soldier and a freedomfighter are killed near Alldays

4 February – Four South African Army soldiers are injured when a man throws a grenade into their military vehicle at Gugulethu

9 February – A limpet mine destroys two police vehicles at Umlazi police station near Durban when parked after returning from riot patrol

10 February – A large bomb is defused by police in Amanzimtoti, 200 m from where the December 1985 blast (for which Andrew Zondo was hanged) took place

12 February – A pick-up detonates an anti-tank mine near Messina with no injuries

16 February – A police Casspir detonates an anti-tank land mine in Mamelodi

17 February – Two policemen and two terrorists are killed while one is arrested in Zwide

19 February – Explosion in toilet block near radio control room at the Cambridge East police station causes no injures


Police come under fire at funeral in Dobsonville

Moses Mabhida, general secretary of the South African Communist Party, dies of a heart attack in Maputo, Mozambique

3 March – Seven black men (The Gugulethu Seven) were killed in a confrontation with police in Gugulethu

4 March – An explosion on 3rd floor of the John Vorster Square injures two policemen and two civilians

7 March – A limpet mine is found at the Hillbrow Police Station and is safely detonated by police

12 March – Esther Masuku, mother of youth activist and SACC member Oupa Masuku, is killed in a hand grenade attack on their house in Atteridgeville

- The Eminent Persons Group meets imprisoned African National Congress leader, Nelson Mandela.

15 March – A limpet mine explodes in front of the Springs railway station, one person is seriously injured

17 March – A mini-limpet is discovered at the Afrikaans high school at Elsburg, Germiston and is safely detonated

19 March – A car belonging to a special branch policeman is destroyed by a limpet mine

- A bomb blast inside the property of the Springs New Apostolic Church

21 March – Four mines explode at an Escom sub-station in Durban

25 March – Trevor Manuel’s ban is lifted

26 March – A Volsloorus man is killed by police when he allegedly threw grenade at them


8 April – The home of former Labour Party secretary in Natal, Kevin Leaf is attacked

10 April – A person is killed and four injured when a limpet mine explodes at Braamfontein station in Johannesburg

18 April – Two people are killed and several others injured when a bomb, set up by Phumzile Mayaphi, explodes at the Wild Coast Casino at Bizana in the Eastern Cape Province. Mayaphi is charged and found guilty of murder and sabotage and sentenced to death on 12 May 1989. The African National Congress denied responsibility for this attack.

21 April – In the Breyten/Chrissiesmeer district, two anti-tank landmines detonate, injuring two people in taxi and one tractor driver

- A terrorist is seriously injured when he and others attack the police in Alexandra, Gauteng

23 April – An explosion at the Cala post office

24 April – An explosion at the Meyerspark post office

27 April – Gordon Webster, who was arrested by police is rescued from Edendale hospital by Umkhonto we Sizwe cadres (Robert McBride was one of the cadres). A bystander was killed and the two policemen who were guarding Webster were injured


Police find a 15 kg bomb under a car in downtown Durban and defuse it

1 May – Two grenades are thrown at the home of Mr Klein, principal of Wentworth Primary School. Klein and his are wife both injured.

7 May – A bomb explosion causes extensive damage to Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre, Sandton

25 May – A vehicle hits an anti-tank mine on the farm of Colonel Koos Durr, near Davel. Two people are killed and eight injured

26 May – A tractor detonates a second anti-tank mine on the farm of Colonel Koos Durr, this time no injuries



A bomb explodes at Jabulani Amphitheatre, Soweto with no injuries

Ten people are killed in explosion in minibus in Bophutatswana

5 June – Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe agree to the establishment of the Limpopo Basin Permanent Technical Committee

10 June – A vehicle hits an anti-tank mine on the farm Boshoek, 5 km from Volksrust, and injures one person

- On another farm, Blomhof, also near Volksrust, an anti-tank mine injures two farmworkers

12 June – P. W. Botha regime declares a nationwide state of emergency.

14 June – A car bomb explodes outside the Magoo’s and Why Not bars on the Durban beachfront. The bomb kills three, injures 69. Robert McBride is later sentenced to death for the bombing (but is later granted amnesty by the ANC government and end up in several senior government posts)

16 June – A probable anti-tank mine explosion kills three Bophuthatswana Defence Force troops in troop carrier in the Winterveldt region

22 June – Limpet mines damage fuel storage tanks and a liquid fuel pipeline at the Mobil Refinery near Durban

- A limpet mine explodes at 01h45 outside a Copper Shop on West Street, Durban

24 June – An explosion at 14h00 injures 16 people at a Wimpy Bar (fast-food restaurant) on Rissik Street, Johannesburg

27 June – At a police roadblock near the Botswana border four freedomfighters are killed and one policeman injured

28 June – An explosion just before 12h00 injures two people in a Queenstown shopping centre

29 June – An explosion at the Alice post office

30 June – A limpet mine explodes at 03h15 on pedestrian bridge in Westville, Durban and a second limpet aimed at responding policemen explodes 15 minutes later


During a two-hour gun battle in Mdantsane, police kill a freedomfighter

1 July – An explosion outside Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg injures 8 people

4 July – A limpet mine explodes outside Checkers supermarket in Silverton and injures 20 people

5 July – An explosion at the Mowbray police station in Cape Town slightly injures two policemen

One person is injured when their vehicle hits an anti-tank land mine near Volksrust

In Vosloorus and Katlehong, five Development Board officials are killed in two attacks on their vehicles and two terrorists are killed in the return fire

6 July – Police kill three freedomfighters and arrest one in Empangeni

9 July – Piet Ntuli, Minister of Home Affairs of KwaNdebele, is killed by a car bomb explosion in KwaNdebele

10 July – Explosion injures seven people in Silverton

Police and members of the South Africa Defence Force ambushed and kill 6 freedomfighters near Alldays

22 July – A policeman is killed in Katlehong

28 July – Two freedmofighters are killed near Nelspruit

30 July – The Umtata Police station comes under attack. Three policemen and 4 bystanders are killed

A vehicle detonates an anti-tank landmine near Nelspruit


3 August – An explosion at the Lakeside post office

15 August – Later minister of finance Trevor Manuel is detained for the second time, this time he is only released in 1988

16 August – Four freedomfighers are killed and one injured in the eastern Transvaal, near the Swaziland border

17 August – A vehicle detonates an anti-tank landmine on the farm Stellen Rust near Nelspruit killing five and injuring two people

22 August – Inkatha Freedom Party member Winnington Sabelo comes under grenade attack and Umkhonto we Sizwe fire at car of his wife as she entered the driveway, killing her and injuring 3 children

24 August – In Imbali, the home of town councillor Austin Kwejama comes under grenade attack. One child is killed and another is injured


A mini-limpet mine explodes in bar of Devonshire Hotel injuring three people (this was a popular venue for Wits students)

A grenade is thrown into crowded night club in Edenpark, Alberton

1 September – A bomb explodes at the Pick and Pay supermarket in Montclair, Durban and injures 1 person

7 September – A car bomb explodes not far from The Star’s Seaside Home in Durban which is a holiday home for underprivileged children

24 September – The home of Soweto Housing Director, Del Kevin, extensively damaged by a limpet mine

30 September – Northern Natal policeman is injured in an attack


The police station in Newcastle is attacked

6 October – Six soldiers are injured when their military vehicle detonates an anti-tank mine at Mbuzini, near the Mozambique

20 October – A limpet mine explodes outside the Lamontville Police station

22 October – Two anti-tank landmine explosions


Two offices of PUTCO is bombed in Soweto after fare increase of 17.5% announced

2 or 4 November – An anti-tank landmine explosion kills one woman and injures a child near Nelspruit

4 November – A landmine kills a soldier on horseback in the eastern Transvaal

10 November – Two bombs explode at the Newcastle Magistrates Court injuring 24 people including the Magistrate and Public Prosecutor

14 November – A landmine injures a farmer and his son in the Alldays district

23 November – A limpet mine explode at Fordsburg flats, new housing for Soweto town councillors


15 December – A police vehicle detonates an anti-tank mine in the Barberton area injuring the two occupants

19 December – An anti-tank landmine injures defence force member in the Komatipoort area

- A grenade attack on home of Soweto councillor; two policemen injured

27 December – Three freedomfighers and two policemen are killed near Messina



1 January – South African Defence Force servicemen are attacked in Alexandra, Johannesburg and at least one injured

3 January – Three people are injured when a limpet mine explodes at the corner of Jeppe and Delvers Streets in Johannesburg

8 January – At the AECI plant, a police officer is shot at and in the skirmish that followed, two policemen and one civilian are injured

9 January – A bomb explodes at the OK Bazaars, a national supermarket chain, in Eloff Street, Johannesburg during a protracted strike

A riot squad policeman is killed and two injured when a grenade is thrown into their vehicle

Police raid English-language newspapers seizing documents related to an advertisement calling for the legalising of the African National Congress

21 January – KwaMakutha massacre, 12 people are killed including 7 children, in KwaMakutha near Amanzimtoti, when the home of the United Democratic Front activist Bheki Ntuli is attacked by a group of men armed with AK-47 rifles

23 January – Two guerrillas are killed in Soweto

24 January – One Transkei soldier or police officer is injured in an Umkhonto we Sizwe attack in Mendu, Willowvale

30 January – Three soldiers and one police officer are killed in an attack in Alexandra, Johannesburg

31 January – The home of town councillor Senokoane in Diepmeadow, Soweto is attacked and six people are injured including two police officers


A limpet mine explosion causes damage to a shop in Matatiele

2 February – The single quarters of the Bokomo Police Station is attacked twice with grenades and one policeman is injured

5 February – An Explosion at bus shelter outside the Groote Schuur Hospital injures 1 person

18 February – A number of people are killed in a grenade attack on Tladi Secondary School

19 February – Chief Lushaba and Samuel Jamile of the Inkatha Freedom Party are injured when a grenade is thrown at them


3 March – A guerillawarrior is shot and killed by police in Gugulethu after he allegedly fired on their patrol with an AK-47

9 March – One police officer, two municipal police officers are killed in Gugulethu. One terrorist is also possibly killed but this is unconfirmed

11 March – Police confirm a skirmish at Zone 13 Mdantsane in Ciskei but gave no details

A terrorist is shot and killed in a house in New Crossroads

12 March – Sweden announces a total boycott on trade with South Africa effective from October

13 March – Four municipal police officers are killed, one injured in Atteridgeville

16 March – A grenade is thrown at the home of a police officer in Kagiso but no injuries

17 March – During a police raid in Inanda, a terrorist and a woman are killed. Another man and a baby are injured in the raid

Three explosions damage the railway line between Newcastle and Johannesburg

28 March An anti-tank landmine kills four and injures one person in the Josefsdal area near the Swaziland border


1 April – Three soldiers are killed and two injured when a grenade is thrown into their Hippo armoured personnel carrier in either Mabopane or Mamelodi

A grenade is thrown at home of Councillor Radebe in Dobsonville with no injuries

2 April – Three policemen are injured in Nyanga when a grenade is thrown at them

8 April – Two freedomfighters and a police officer are killed in a shootout at Ventersdorp

9 April – Three police officers come under attack in Meadowlands Zone 10 (casualties unknown)

10 April – Ciskei, South Africa and Transkei sign a security pact in Cape Town prohibiting cross-border violence between the three states

14 April – The home of a police officer in Chesterfield, Durban comes under grenade attack with no injuries

15 April – A special branch police officer is killed by a sniper and another injured south of Durban in Umbumbulu

16 April – An explosion in the parking area of a Newcastle supermarket injures two people

20 April – A grenade is thrown at group of soldiers at the Dube train station in Soweto (no casualties reported)

23 April – The home of a police officer in Bonteheuwel comes under grenade attack

24 April – During a riot police raid in Umlazi, Durban, two freedomfighters are killed and three riot police officers are injured.

Police invade UCT campus in an unprecedented show of force.

30 April – Four police officers are injured in a grenade attack on their barracks in Osizweni, Newcastle


5 May – Two people are killed and twenty injured in a landmine explosion on a road close to Messina near the Zimbabwe border

Two mini-limpets explode at the Johannesburg Civic Centre with no injuries

6 May – The National Party wins the General Elections

9 May – A police officer, three soldiers and a freedomfighters are killed in a skirmish in Mamelodi

16 May – An explosion at Newcastle train station’s waiting room occurs and while police are investigating the blast, a second bomb explodes injuring a police officer

19 May – An explosion at the Carlton Centre in central Johannesburg

20 May – Two bombs exploded at the Johannesburg magistrate’s court, the first a minor explosion that acted as a decoy is followed by a second more powerful charge minutes later which killed three police officers and injuring four others, six bystanders are also injured


4 June – State President of South Africa Pieter Willem Botha visits Sharpeville

11 June – During a police raid in Emdeni, Soweto, police were ambushed. A freedomfighter and a police officer are killed

12 June – Two police officers are found dead in Witbank

A Limpet mine explodes at the Athlone Magistrates Court in Johannesburg

15 June – The home of a councillor in Gugulethu comes under grenade attack and four people are injured, two of them special constables

21 June – A police patrol is attacked with grenades in which seven police officers are injured


6 July – Umkhonto we Sizwe ambush the police in Mdantsane, two police officers are killed and three injured. A cadre is also shot and killed

Milestone meeting is held in Dakar, Senegal between 52 mainly Afrikaans-speaking intellectuals led by Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert and the banned African National Congress led by Thabo Mbeki

8 July – Police crush what they say is a terrorist and his sister to death in shack in Motherwell after they allegedly were fired on

A limpet mine explodes at 11h12 in the bar of Village Main Hotel, Johannesburg

9 July – Mozambique and the Soviet Union reject the findings of the Margo Commission on the air disaster in which Samora Machel, Mozambiqian President, was killed

9–12 July – 61 White South Africans, mainly from the Afrikaans community, meet the African National Congress in Dakar, Senegal in search of a democratic alternative for South Africa

12 July – During a police raid in Athlone, Johannesburg, a freedomfighter is killed and four arrested

18 July – A police officer and wife are injured in attack on their home in Mamelodi East

20 July – A car bomb explodes outside a block of flats in District Six, Cape Town with no injuries

25 July – A grenade is thrown at home in Pimville but harmlessly explodes outside the house

30 July – An anti-tank landmine injures three people on the farm Bodena which is owned by Danie Hough

A car bomb explodes outside the Witwatersrand Command which kills one soldier and injures 68 people


The South African Defence Force launch Operation Modular

3 August – 23 conscripts make a public announcement in Cape Town of their refusal to serve in the SADF

5 August – A freedomfighter is killed in shootout with police on Ntshekisa Road in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth

13 August – An Emdeni police Sergeant is injured when a grenade is thrown at his vehicle

23 August – A shop in Emdeni which is frequented by soldiers is attacked with grenades

24 August – A grenade is thrown at a police vehicle in Emdeni. Two police officers and eight bystanders are injured

27 August – The home of the former Mayor of Soweto, Kunene is attacked and two council police officers are killed

30 August – A grenade is thrown at five soldiers outside barracks; estimated eight SADF members killed or injured


The South African Army kill four and capture two guerilla fighters near the Zimbabwe border. After the two guerilla fighters were handed over to police, they escaped killing two police officers. The army later tracked them down and they were killed in fire-fight

The Commander of KwaNdebele National Guard Unit in Marble Hall and his son (a police officer) is shot and killed by AK-47 fire

2 September – Police in Sandton kill a guerilla fighter after he allegedly threw a grenade at a roadblock

17 September – Religious leaders including Desmond Tutu hold talks with the African National Congress in Zambia

23 September – South Africa and Malawi sign an agreement for the training of nurses from Malawi in South Africa

24 September – Ten people including two police officers are injured in grenade attack on a police patrol in Soweto

28 September – Two bombs explode at the Standard Bank arena in Johannesburg


1 October – A bomb placed outside door of Amichand Rajbansi’s NPP office in Lenasia explodes hours after official opening with no injuries

28 October – Near the Swaziland border soldier is killed and a guerilla wounded in a skirmish


6 November – A special constable and two civilians are killed by sniper fire in Khayelitsha

12 November – Two limpet mines explode and a third one is safely detonated by police at the Zola Municipal offices in Soweto

14 November – During a South African Defence Force commemoration march in Cape Town, a limpet mine explodes in bin injuring a soldier

18 November – A Limpet mine is found and defused at the Johannesburg post office

23 November – During a police raid on house in Umlazi, Durban two freedomfighters and alleged collaborator are killed. Two police officers are injured in the raid

28 November – South African Airways Flight 295 crashes into the Indian Ocean near Mauritius

30 November – Three explosions occur at the Dube municipal training centre in Soweto with no injuries


10 December – During a police raid on shack in the Port Elizabeth area, they meet heavy resistance from the residents. The police drive a Casspir over the shack, killing four

12 December – A group of police officers are fired upon by freedomfighters from a moving car in Soweto; two police officers are killed and four injured



1 January – Nordic countries implement comprehensive sanctions against South Africa and South West Africa which are intended to counteract apartheid

10 January – 6 African National Congress guerrillas are injured in a car bomb explosion in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

25 January – guerrillas wound a policeman when they open fire at a police roadblock set up at Ugie

A Limpet mine explodes at the Kokstad Men’s Club opposite the police station

27 January – guerrillas open fire on a police vehicle in Soweto and injure three policemen and a civilian


12 people are injured in a bomb blast at Wits Medical Command administration building in Braamfontein, Johannesburg

1 February – Three guerrillas are killed and one injured at a police roadblock in Transkei

2 February – A guerrilla is killed in a skirmish with police near Mount Fletcher

3 February – The Congress of South African Trade Unions offices in Pietermaritzburg come unter attack by a mob armed with pangas and Assegais.

6 February – A policeman is killed in attack at East London

10 February – Rocky Malebane-Metsing leads a group of dissatisfied members of the Bophuthatswana Defence Force and the National Executive Committee of the People’s Progressive Party to stage a coup d’état in the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana

12 February – Two municipal policemen, guarding an installation, are injured when they are attacked by guerrillas

- A guerrilla opens fire on car driven by ex-Rhodesian soldier, now private security firm official, in Johannesburg

14 February – The South African Defence Force launch Operation Hooper


An electrical sub-station in Fort Jackson is damaged when three limpet mines explode

1 March – An explosion in Benoni causes extensive damage to bus transporting South African Air Force personnel

7 March – A guerrilla and a civilian is killed by police during a raid in Queenstown, six policemen are wounded in the raid

8 March – An attack by guerrillas on Phiri Hall police mess kills one policemen and wounds 10 others

12 March – A church-led opposition group headed by Desmond Tutu is banned

14 March – A bomb explodes at Johannesburg City Hall with no injuries

17 March – Mohammed Ichbahl and Aboobaker Ismail set up two bombs at the Krugersdorp magistrate’s court adjacent to the local police station, the first to serve as a decoy and the second, a car bomb, directed at security force personnel but, “unfortunately the decoy failed to explode, due to some malfunction”. The car bomb explodes killing two South African Defence Force personnel and a civilian. Twenty other people were injured. South African police accused Hein Grosskopf of the attack, and acknowledged later that he had not been responsible.

18 March – Guerrillas attack a tavern in Atteridgeville frequented by policemen; three policemen are killed in the attack

25 March – Three guerrillas are killed at Batavia in the far northern Transvaal, by the South African Army

27 March – The Antheas Club in Polokwane (previously known as Pietersburg) is slightly damaged by a limpet mine which exploded in the back garden

28 March – Four guerrillas are killed and one injured by the South African Army on an island on Mutale river


A bomb explodes at Johannesburg City Hall with no injuries

4 April – The South African Special Forces Brigade raid an African National Congress terrorist hideout in Gaborone, Botswana killing four ANC guerrillas

7 April – A car bomb explodes in Maputo, Mozambique injuring Albie Sachs, an anti-apartheid lawyer

9 April – A limpet mine explodes near the Atteridgeville Development Board’s canteen

12 April – In a Mpumalanga township, police corner a guerrilla who then kills himself and two policemen with a grenade. Police later kill a second guerrilla, a policeman is killed and three civilians wounded in the crossfire

15 April – A limpet mine explodes at the Atteridgeville Municipal offices

A bomb explodes prematurely outside Pretoria’s Sterland cinema killing the carrier and injuring a bystander. According to an African National Congress guerrillas, the intended target was a nearby government building

19 April – An explosion at a private office block less than 100 m from Parliament damages a branch of Santam bank

22 April – A guerrilla ambushes a municipal police vehicle and wounds four policemen and one civilian in Soweto

25 April – A policeman, Sgt JM Mazibuku, is killed at bus stop in Newcastle by guerrillas


1 May – A special guard unit vehicle is attacked in Cape Town with no injuries

3–6 May – An ILO tripartite Conference on Action Against Apartheid is held in Harare, Zimbabwe

4 May – A limpet mine explodes against wall of the Kagiso Police single quarters

Representatives of South Africa, United States of America, Angola and Cuba meet in London to search for a solution to the Angolan war and independence for Namibia

10 May – A child is killed when a grenade is thrown at a policeman’s home in Mamelodi by guerrillas

14 May – A guerrilla is killed when police raids his home in Newcastle

24 May – At the Germiston railway station, a guerrilla opens fire policemen and is killed when the police returned fire; three civilians were injured in crossfire

25 May – Two people are killed and 38 injured when a Sofasonke Party rally in Soweto comes under a grenade attack. The African National Congress denies knowledge and blames “armed political renegades”

26 May – A limpet mine detonates during lunch hour outside African Eagle Building in Pretoria, injuring four people from the Ruth Arndt Early Learning Centre

28 May – An explosive device explodes at the bottom of platform staircase at the Johannesburg railway station and injures 1 person


A bomb explodes near Soweto’s Inhlanzani station with no injuries

A mini-limpet mine explodes at a Pretoria snack bar injuring 18 people

3 June – An explosion occurs at the South African Irish Regiment HQ in Anderson Street, Johannesburg

A bomb explodes during lunch hour outside Standard Bank in Roodepoort, killing four and injuring eighteen civilians. According to an African National Congress guerrilla the target had not been civilians but a police station nearby and refuses to give details on what operational difficulties caused this incident.

5 June – A bomb is detonated while a train was standing at Saulsville railway station

20 June – A Ciskei policeman, W/O Swelindawo is injured in explosion at his home in Mdanstane

22 June – Ten people are killed when a limpet mine explodes at an amusement arcade in Winning Side Arcade in Johannesburg

26 June – A limpet mine is discovered and defused at Papagallo Restaurant in East London

27 June – Cuban MiG 23 jet fighters attack the Calueque Water Scheme – twelve South African soldiers die after a direct hit by bomb.

29 June – A bomb kills two South African Defence Force, two Prisons personnel and 13 civilians when it explodes at a cafe in Poynton building


Bulelani Ngcuka is detained for organising the Nelson Mandela birthday

An explosion outside home of member of Presidents Council, Dr Ismail Jajbhay in Lenasia occurs with no injuries

2 July – A car bomb, set by Harold Matshididi and Billy Agie Shoke, explodes near the gate of Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg and two people are killed and thirty-seven injured

5 July – A guerrilla is killed by police in a raid in Gugulethu

7 July – Trevor Manuel, Ebrahim Rasool, Mountrain Qumbela, Hilda Ndude and Mzonke Jacobsis are released from detention

12 July – Landmine incident – no details

14 July – The South African Army tracks and kills four guerrillas in the Kruger National Park following the 12 July landmine incident

Violence erupts between the Inkatha Freedom Party and the African National Congress in Richmond

16 July – A guerrilla opens fire at a police vehicle in Nyanga killing a bystander. Police return fire and the cadre is wounded

17 July – A guerrilla opens fire on a police vehicle from back of pickup while travelling on the highway near Soweto. Two policemen are injured

20 July – A major battle between the South African Defence Force and Cuban forces start near Calueque, Angola

22 July – A grenade is thrown at the home of BE Qakisa, the Soweto Council personnel manager

23 July – A guerrilla is wounded by police in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal

26 July – Three grenade attacks on homes of Administration Board employees ( P. Legare, Naledi and Gumede) in Soweto

29 July – One person is injured when a limpet mine explodes at a Bus stop on the corner of Victoria and Odendaal Streets in Germiston

30 July – One person is killed and 57 injured when a limpet mineplanted by ANC guerrillas explode at lunch time at Wimpy (restaurant) in Benoni


A mini-limpet mine explodes at the Westville Post Office near Durban

3 August – A car bomb explodes outside the Wits Command, Johannesburg with no injuries

Five guerrillas are killed in two incidents in the Bridgewater area

4 August – A guerrilla is killed and one escapes in a police raid near the Wild Coast Sun hotel in Transkei

5 August – A limpet mine is discovered and safely detonated at the Morula Sun Casino

13 August – An explosion at the Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Johannesburg injures three people

19 August – A mini-limpet mine explodes within the Castle grounds in Cape Town

20 August – A grenade is thrown at the home of mayor, Eddie Makeba in Duncan Village

23 August – An explosion at lunch hour injures 23 people at the Wimpy (restaurant) on Oxford Street, East London

24 August – A limpet mine is discovered outside the Wimpy in Standerton and safely detonated


Trevor Manuel is detained for the third time and this time he is released only in 1989

A bomb goes off at the Laudium home of a Pretoria municipal election candidate

Three limpet mines in Lenasia explode at the offices of the Lenasia bus service, at the home of the Lenasia Management Committee and the offices of the House of Delegates

A bomb explodes at the King Williamstown Magistrates Court

A mini-limpet mine explodes at the Woodstock Police Station

A child is injured when the home of a municipal policeman attacked in Soweto

A bomb explodes at a discotheque in Hillbrow injuring 19 people

A limpet mine explosion at Vinderbijl Square bus terminus in Johannesburg injures 19 people

A hand grenade is thrown from a moving car at home of Allan Hendrickse, leader of the Labour Party

A bomb under a car in parking lot of an East London hotel explodes after area cleared

2 September – Limpet mines are discovered and defused at the Standerton post office

Two people are injured when a limpet mine explodes at 17h30 outside a shop on the corner of Smith and Fenton Streets in Durban

3 September – A guerrilla is killed and four policemen are injured in Molweni, Durban

7 September – An explosion in the basement of North Park Plaza Shopping Centre kills one person

8 September – A grenade is thrown into the home of couple who did not join a strike (Mr and Mrs Modiko) and injures a child

10 September – An explosion at the Moroka Police Station barracks

A mini-limpet placed under basin next to back door of a Lenasia HOD candidate, Mrs Ebrahim; explodes

19 September – A car bomb explodes outside flats in Benoni, 100 m from the Police station; two civilians are injured

21 September – An explosion after 17h00 injures 14 people at the Vanderbijlpark bus terminal

22 September – An explosion at the home of a municipal election candidate SD Goolam injures four policemen, two guards and a civilian


A bomb explodes at the Redhill Post Office in Durban with no injuries

A bomb damages the campaign HQ of a Wentworth municipal candidate in Durban

Municipal councillor and assistant escape injury when hand grenades are thrown at them in Thokoza

An explosion at KwaThema civic centre which is used as polling point in municipal elections kills a baby killed and injures four people

Explosions occur at three magistrates courts, Wynberg (Johannesburg), Bishop Lavis, and Stellenbosch with no injuries reported at all three

A bomb causes damage to Woodstock Police Station

Four policemen are injured when a limpet mine explodes at Tembisa police barracks

A limpet mine which explodes near the Alexandra Municipal Police offices in Johannesburg causes extensive damage

The homes of municipal candidates in Wattville and Thokoza are attacked with hand grenades

A mini-limpet mine explodes at the Katlehong Municipal Police barracks

A bomb explodes in a building housing the Police Security Branch in Potchefstroom

A limpet mine explodes at a Sandton sub-station belonging to Eskom

A mini-limpet mine damages offices in Diepmeadow

A limpet mine explodes at central Johannesburg bus terminus injuring four people

A car bomb explosion outside a Witbank shopping centre kills two people and injures 42


15 November – “Wit Wolf” Barend Strydom kills eight black passers by in Strijdom Square in Pretoria

A limpet mine explodes at the Port Elizabeth Post Office

An explosion at Lenasia civic centre; no injuries

An explosion damages section of railway line on outskirts of Durban


A limpet mine explodes at the Receiver of Revenue offices in Boksburg

A limpet mine explodes at the Department of Home Affairs offices in Brakpan

Bombs explode at the magistrates court in Paarl

Two explosions in Bisho result in damage to garage and shop

(About the 12 December) – Pik Botha, Foreign Minister, and Magnus Malan, Defence Minister, sign a peace protocol with Denis Sassou-Nguesso, President of the Republic of the Congo, and with Angolan and Cuban signatories in Brazzaville. The protocol ends South Africa’s 73 year old administration of South West Africa

22 December South Africa, Angola and Cuba sign a tripartite agreement at UN headquarters in New York requiring the withdrawal of Cuban forces from Angola and the granting of independence to Namibia by South Africa.



A Eskom sub-station in Glenwood, Durban is damaged by explosion, later police defuse a second bomb found nearby

Explosion at the home of the chair of the Ministers Council in the House of Delegates in Benoni

An explosion at aircraft factory in Ciskei

Two municipal police are killed in grenade attack on Katlehong’s Municipal Police Station

8 January – The African National Congress announces that it will start dismantling its guerrilla camps in Angola in support of the peace process

18 January – State President of South Africa P.W. Botha has a mild stroke

19 January – Chris Heunis, Minister of Constitutional Development and Planning, is appointed Acting State President


An ailing State President Pieter Willem Botha steps down from the leadership of the National Party, but remains state president

Trevor Manuel is released from detention under stringent restriction orders

An explosion at a municipal police barracks in Soweto, injures four policemen

An explosion next to a police parade in Katlehong kills a municipal constable and injures nine others

A limpet explodes at the home of the commander of Katlehong Police Station, Col. D. Dlamini


An explosion outside the Natal Command HQ on Durban’s beachfront

15–21 March – A conference of African National Congress’ chief representatives and regional treasurers is held in Gran, Norway

there was an explosion on the 10 of march in Durban at the blazer company for school kinds


The South African Air Force’s Klippan Radar Station in the Western Transvaal comes under mortar attack

5 May – 3 South African Embassy staff are ordered to leave Britain within 7 days because of the attempted smuggling of a Blowpipe missile


Four bystanders are injured when a limpet mine explodes under police vehicle in Duduza

A limpet place under a vehicle parked outside a policeman’s home in Tsakane explodes

A grenade is thrown at a police patrol in Tsakane

A limpet mine explodes in rubbish bin outside the home of policeman in Soweto

A bomb shatters the windows of KwaThema Police station’s dining hall

A limpet mine explodes at the Police single quarters in Ratanda

A limpet mine explodes at the home of Boetie Abramjee, a National Party MP


5 July – PW Botha, State President of South Africa, and Nelson Mandela (in prison at the time) meet for the first time


A grenade is thrown into a Labour Party polling station in Bishop Lavis

The Brixton Flying Squad HQ is attacked with hand grenades and AK-47s

Lt-Col. Frank Zwane, a former liaison officer for the police and his two sons are injured in a grenade attack in Soweto

An explosion at the Athlone Police Station

The Cabinet prevails on P.W. Botha to resign as state president – FW de Klerk becomes acting State President of South Africa


A police patrol is ambushed by terrorist or freedom fighters in Katlehong

A mini-limpet explodes outside the Mamelodi Police station

Purple Rain Protest, rioters in Greenmarket Square, Cape Town are sprayed with a purple dye. The resulting graffiti, “The purple shall govern” graces the pages of newspapers worldwide.

Parliamentary elections are held – the National Party wins again

Acting state president FW de Klerk becomes the 9th State President of South Africa

100 000 people attend a peace march called by Cape Town city mayor, Gordon Oliver, in conjunction with religious leaders.


Bomb explodes outside the BP centre in Cape Town and at  Woodstock minutes later

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