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There are people that rant on about the fabulousness of the wintery season. The way you can layer clothing and look cute in gloves and boots and hats.

I hate winter. I hate wearing so much clothing I cannot move properly.

I hate the darkness as the sun rises late and sets early (if only my work times followed suit).

I especially hate being sick.

I’ve been dragging round some slow brewing lurgy for over a week now. It was mostly just a sort of a coughy thing. And a bit of congestion in the morning. I think it is a spin off of the bronchitis that laid up the people from up north where I went for Christmas. (So much for them being a hardier folk.) They were on antibiotics and taking days off work since New Years Eve. I have been dragging myself around although I did cut kickboxing out.

However, I think this thing is starting to get the upperhand. Multivitamins, me lying on my back like a pregnant woman with a slipped disc the whole weekend and copious amounts of lemon and ginger tea are doing nothing.

I woke up in the wee hours this morning with a raging thirst due to the discovery that my nostrils were, in fact, there for decorative purposes only. Waking up set me off coughing like some kind of a chain smoker as well.

I woke up again exhausted when my alarm went off a bit later. I am NOT one of those people who takes at all well to disrupted sleep. After being up for awhile, my body started to try to clear the mucus out it’s system. There is something singularly revolting but also satisfying when the contents of your nose finally clear out enough that you can breathe but that if you are dumb enough to look into the tissue, the contents look like they would bounce or putty up windows. Having said that, coughing pretty much results in the same disgusting stuff where spit asap is the only option.

I am fed up though. It hurts when I breathe in now. I am convinced I am getting worse not better because last week although not 100% at least I was mostly sleeping through the night.

It took four hours (I kid you not) to get through to the doctors. By the time I managed it, I was so surprised – I was in a discussion with one of the guys at work at the time, having explained to him I needed to work but refused to put the phone down while doing so – that I forgot to write down the appointment time. It didn’t really help the receptionist went ‘today’ then went ‘tomorrow’ as an appointment fixing. Oh well, if it is tomorrow they will hopefully send me a text message with the time.

Or maybe I will miraculously cure overnight.

Yeah right.

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