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December 5, 2012 in Poems

Dearest Darling

There was a time for happiness,
There was a time for tears,
There was a time for comfort,
There was a time for frustration,
There was a time for love.

I was an idiot of note,
Of that I have already wrote,
I didn’t say sorry to you,
But that left me blue.
I didn’t cause I wasn’t ready to say those words.

I have changed so much to be the one you wanted
But my words and actions left us blunted.
Blunted by the frustration my actions brought to bear
The shame of what i did I will always wear
But hold onto the forgiveness you have given

Our love is so true and so pure,
And I really hope that it can endure.
We have chosen a path to take,
In time it may allow us a remake!
A fresh start when all is settled.

I miss your smile,
I miss your messages during the day,
I miss holding and kissing you,
I miss being involved in your life
I miss US being together.

Love you always

5 responses to Crafting

  1. Good luck with everything.

  2. I hope it will work out eventually!

    • I remain hopeful….never have i experienced love till this…and while i messed up badly am trying hard to “fix” and remedy…..hope that makes sense

    • I remain full of hope the changes i make are worthy of the love i have received and give….

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