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Different personalities

January 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

We all intuitively know there is a differnce in personalities:  …”four function types-Thinking Types, Feeling Types, Intuiting Types, and Sensing Types, each with two variants.”  [defined by MBTI]

[Keirsey=] “I must say I have never found a use for this scheme of psychological
functions, and this is because function typology sets out to define different
people’s mental make-up-what’s in their heads-something which is not
observable, and which is thus unavoidably subjective, a matter of speculation,
and occasionally of projection. A good example of the difficulties such
guesswork can introduce is the way in which Jung and Myers confound
introversion with intuition, saying that the introverted types are the ones
“interested in ideas and concepts,” while the extraverted types are “interested
in people and things.” In my view, which is based on close observation of
people’s use of words, the intuitives are the ones primarily interested in
ideas and concepts, while the sensing types are those primarily concerned
with concrete things. Indeed, after forty years or so of typewatching, I
have not found any SPs or SJs who were more inclined to discuss conceptual
matters (abstractions) than to discuss factual matters (concretions). The
sensing types are more perceptual than conceptual, while the intuitive
types, NFs and NTs, are more conceptual than perceptual.”    [p30 Keirsey  PUM II]

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Engineering consent

December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

We can define engineered consent as: To subtly manipulate others’ vulnerabilities,  i.e. inner FEELINGS(especially instincts like fear) to engineer consent.

Circumstances to ensure  such consent  will result, can be deliberately engineered.

Social engineering also occurs when “the powers that be” forces their plan on a community(/ies) by disinformation, propaganda and indoctrination.  All social media (and many/most institutions -even church, schools  and scientific- and official institutions) can and is being used for this purpose(s).

Do we realize what influence the media has on us?

It is so unfortunate that our vulnerabilities (especially instincts) are the objects of their focus!

Becoming (more) aware is a big part of  the solution

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Mindset matters

December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Difference in views of the world

For picture see Mindset matters @ newmanonthego

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Never spoke a man thus…

November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

The following extract from The Illustrated WORLD’S RELIGIONS by Huston Smith has always fascinated me and fills me with wonder:

“…The world assumes that evil must be resisted by every means available. We are told to love our enemies and bless those who curse us. The world assumes that friends are to be loved and enemies hated. We are told that outcasts and harlots enter the kingdom of God before many who are perfunctorily righteous. Again unfair; the world assumes that respectable people should lead the way. We are told that the gate to salvation is narrow. The world would prefer it to be broad. We are told to be carefree as birds and flowers. The world counsels economy[spaarsamigheid] We are told that it is more difficult for the rich to enter the Kingdom than for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye. The world admires wealth. We are told that the happy people are those who are meek, who weep, who are merciful and pure in heart. The world assumes that it is the rich, the well-positioned, and powerful who are happy. A wind of freedom blows through these teachings that makes the world want to postpone them, saying, not yet, not yet!

"The only way to make sense of Jesus' extraordinary admonitions is to see them as cut from his understanding the of God who loves human beings absolutely, without pausing to calculate their worth or due. Why are we to give the needy our cloak as well as our coat? Because God has ministered far more importantly to our needs. Why should we go go with others the second mile? Because we know - deeply, overwhelmingly - that God has borne with us for far longer stretches. Why should we love not only our friends but our enemies? Because God lets the evilhearted in on his sunshine. To us, Jesus' summons to unstinting love seems unrealistic, but he would have said that that is because we do not perceive - or better, truly experience - the constant, unstinting love that God directs toward us. If we did experience it, we would still face difficult choices for which Jesus offered no rulebook. Because circumstances affect these, he confined his teachings to the stance from which concrete problems should be considered. 

"We have spoken of what Jesus did and what he said, but what finally edged his disciples toward the conclusion that he was divine was the person they found him to be."

Does it also fill you with wonder?
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A different thinking pattern?

November 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

  • The following quote from from Dr. John La Puma’s recent release – Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine. may be a much needed thinking pattern for all chefs:
  • “…I have begun to think of a home kitchen in much the same way I think of a health spa – a place where people can come to be restored, feel better, experience pleasure, and become healthier. And this is how I’d like you to start thinking about your kitchen. Your kitchen is at the heart of your health.

    “In your home, you probably keep your medicine chest in the bathroom. I’m offering a second medicine chest, one that helps prevent diseases and symptoms and that you keep right in your kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer, and pantry.”
    Do you agree  that may be a much needed thinking pattern for all chefs – even in a preventative sense?

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Predictions for September/October?

September 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Comet Ison is addressed in the following extract from Terral03 on my computer:

Terral’s 2013 Newsletter Volume 38    September 19, 2013   The danger posed to the earthlings comet ISON
Submitted by SusanPX
Monday, September 16, 2013
Professor James McCain says that NASA is lying about the comet ISON and he warns of
the danger. In the already remote from the YouTube video he tells us that we should expect a
relatively comet ISON in the near future. In particular, McCain says to us is
approaching an object that represents a “mini solar system.” All of the
climate anomalies that we see on Earth, is a consequence of the approximation of the object.
Professional astronomers are monitoring the military that object and prepare for hisarrival. The general public
is not reported. The professor also recommends that allqualify. Have the supplies of clean water, food, fuel for
vehicles and be away from the big cities.
Translation of the message McCain Russian:
“Since June, scientists, astronomers and military astronomers ofmany countries
sosredotochny in Australia, where is the most complete and thorough observation of
the” comet”, which is essentially a mini-solar system.
Effects of its influence and impact on the Earth and will, and already is, adramatic and largely disastrous.
People are kept ignorant as to avoid panic, but professor believes that people should know and be prepared for
this izmeneniyam.Nevazhno they believe in it or do not believe, as a close friend.
He says that the actual event will take place in a few weeks and asked to forget the
date, nobody knows, and on the evening news about her not announced. IT just come in
one day.
He draws attention to the fact that there was water, food, medical supplies,
particularly oil, natural healing (burns?? Skin lesions and t
issue??). We must leave, if possible, the big city, or at least have a place to get away.
As the event approaches, he recommends to focus on the processes taking place in the cosmos.
There will be a large number of comets and the appearance of the moons around
planets that have never had them. He promised to keep in touch with what’s going on.
It is possible that the Professor is right, and that is something that we do not know, but
in the United States know and prepare for it.
The facts gathered by the site Ultimate Survival, of course, you will be
interested, and show that the U.S. government knows something we do not know. Effect
of arrival of the “Comet” ISON may happen sooner than you think. If you look at the
time, the data for the preparation of the U.S. government mandates FEMA (Federal
Emergency Management Agency and DHS (Department of Homeland Security), you
will see that everything seems to revolve around an important deadline – October 1, 2013!
This is a list of terms, compiled by Peter K ling, who also appears in a video
interview, which is located below called “How to survive the Armageddon. It’s creepy
stuff! Here’s a list:- 82% Of our fighting forces and their support elements must be positioned outside
the region CONUS (see
continental states, the territory of the United States, including the 48 states and
the District of Columbia) to 1 of October.
Antibiotki by $ 11 million to be delivered to the Region III FEMA by October 1,
commissioned by the CDC;
-FEMA has made an order for the purchase of more than $ 14.2 million of dry rations
and food heaters that need to be taken to the Region III by Octobe
r 1; -FEMA has placed an order for 22 million emergency package of water that must be
supplied in Region III by October 1;
- FEMA has ordered a $ 13.6 million rations of food and heaters, which are to be
delivered in Austin until October 1;
-2800 MRAP s (Protected from undermining and attack from ambush, wheeled armored
vehicles with heavy mine protection) should be delivered to the Region III by October 1.
Thus, FEMA, obviously, is getting ready for something bigger, as the statistics above.
What about the U.S. military and the military of various other countries of the
United Nations? Here’s what we know:
- Nine – week training of UN peacekeepers in CONUS to study the characteristics of the
war in the city, British and American weapons systems, at the beginning of the 4
the week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1;
- Ban on vacation only to the U.S. military for the period from September 28 to November 5.
- All agents of the Department of Homeland Security must be certified by the skills
of handling a gun, shotgun and AR
- 15 ( American semi-automatic rifle chambered for 5,56 × 45 mm.) by September 28.
Some objects in the tail of a comet No mention of the annual appraisal on the use of weapons of
temporary lesions (non-lethal weapons).
- All units of the National Guard should have completed training in crowd control
and assistance in natural disasters this year at the annual two-week training. All
units must complete the full training cycle until September 30. O f course, for
some, it sounds like the training of military around the world to something bigger.
In addition … What about communications in emergency situations?
We see: Daily testing of the emergency broadcast (Emergency Broadcast System), must be made
on September 25 and after October 2.
- Units Coast Guard, the eastern – based, have to go through massive training, which
is usually carried out in the Gulf region, areas of Virginia and Delaware. It’s a
10 -day training mission to begin on September 26. Due to the fact that the comet ISON
approaching, let’s ask ourselves: do you not think that we should be prepared for what
awaits us in the near future? Finally a strange coincidence. 1 October the U.S. stops the Space Radar system
“Space Fence” (Radar was a part of the U.S. Space Surveillance Network, and is said
to have had the opportunity to detect objects as small as 10 cm at an altitude of 30
000 km).
After 50 years of work! Why now?
Yahoo: susan_px
We are fast approaching (HAVE APPROACHED) the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the
government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.
Ayn Ran
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Quotes on life

September 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

“When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.”
― Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak: A Spiritual Journey


Jung: “The intellectually detached classifying point of view is just the thing to be avoided.”

…somehow it appears that large parts of humanity are just not responsible enough to ever be truely free so there will always be the need for the man with the iron rod to prevent the whole scenario degenerating into anarchy… see in order for a social contract to function you need to be responsible enough to willingly lay down some of your freedoms for the freedoms of the society to prosper… (from a blog comment)

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Bringing dreams into reality

September 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

The difficulties involved in realizing dreams can be concluded from this extract from my computer on introverted intuition and the way it functions:

N= Dominant Introverted Intuition INFJ & INTJ Personality Types What is it like?
By Danielle Poirier

Without Introverted Intuitive personality types, it is said that Israel would have had no prophets. Under deceptively conventional appearances lie perceptive minds that travel the breadth and depth of universal mysteries, contemplating its multilayered complexity, seeking the trends that will define the future. With time, clarity of vision comes. When it comes, they are propelled towards the vision and all their actions lead to it. They are perseverant behind a quiet exterior and will often come back with their vision long after everyone believes they have let it go.

What they see is so clear and obvious to them they are often surprised to find that others cannot see it as well. They may find it difficult to articulate the necessary steps towards implementation or to explain how each goal fits into the larger picture.

Their mind usually travels from the past to the future, seeking to fit a particular situation in a large context. It picks up patterns, symbols and images from different seemingly unrelated fields, identifies similarities and provides meaning. This can help solve problems by juxtaposing ideas, finding analogies or simply by rooting out the quintessential reality, discovering the origin in universal stories and human experiences, culling wisdom from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.Their mind naturally travels from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

They regularly have to face the difficulties of bringing dreams into reality. The time and effort it takes is always more than what their intuition initially suggested. They are determined, perseverant, inspired and often see things just around the corner, into the near or far future.

For Feeling preference people who skillfully use Thinking, logic is a tool to be used in the service of what they value. For a Thinking preference person, logic is a process that is used to discover what ought to be valued. Same tool or process, but used for different ends.

[Feeling here denotes the values that underlies the interpretation of your perceptions and decision making.]

Do you also have a perceptive mind which, under deceptively conventional appearances, travel the breadth and depth of universal mysteries, contemplating its multilayered complexity, seeking the trends that will define the future?

Do you have dreams and have difficulty bringing them to reality?

[Emphasis by me]


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More observant than introspective?

September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

In his book Please Understand Me II, Keirsey states that observers
want facts, trust facts, and remember facts, and they want to deal with the
facts of a situation as they are, either in the here and now, and contrasts this to the intuitive approach.

Observers can seem to Introspectors as unimaginative, concerned
only with trivial pursuits, and exasperatingly slow to consider implications
and possibilities.

Take note of his conclusions in the following excerpt:

“,,,people are either more observant than introspective, or more introspective than observant. Observers
(SPs and SJs) seem more at home when looking after the particulars of
everyday living, attending to concrete things -. food, clothing, shelter,
transportation-and to practical matters such as recreation and safety, and
are likely to leave the more abstract issues to others. In turn, Introspectors
(NTs and NFs) tend to be more content when these concrete concerns are
handled by someone else and they are left free to consider the more abstract
world of ideas. This does not mean, of course, that Observer types are
without an inner life-far from it-but simply that their introspection
takes a back seat to their observation. Nor does this mean that Introspector
types are unaware of the objects around them-not at all-but simply that
they are more inclined to become absorbed in their ideas.
To put this difference another way, Observers might be called “earthlings”
or “terrestrials,” concrete, down-to-earth beings who keep their feet
on the ground. These persons see what is in front of them and are usually
accurate in catching details. It is said that “they don’t miss much.” Observers
want facts, trust facts, and remember facts, and they want to deal with the
facts of a situation as they are, either in the here and now, or as recorded in
the past. They focus on what is happening, or what has happened, rather
than anticipating what might be, what would happen if, or what might
occur in the future.
In contrast, Introspectors might be called “extraterrestrials,” abstract
beings who live with their head in the clouds, strangers in a strange land
who wonder about the curious antics of the earthlings. Absorbed as they
often are in the external world, Introspectors tend to miss a great deal of
what’s right around them-current reality is merely a problem to be solved,
or a stage of development toward some future ideal. Not only can they
miss details, they can also lose track of where they are, and for instance
drive right past their highway turn-off. “It’s only reality” they sometimes
say, to register their relative disinterest in the merely concrete. But more
than disinterest, Introspectors can be discontent with reality, even bothered
by it, and speculate about possible ways of improving it.
Because of their tenuous grasp of reality, Introspectors can appear to
Observers as flighty, impractical, and unrealistic-the dreamer or absentminded
professor who can’t be bothered with the nitty-gritty of living. For
their part, Observers can seem to Introspectors as unimaginative, concerned
only with trivial pursuits, and exasperatingly slow to consider implications
and possibilities. Both views are exaggerations. Indeed, both kinds of
people are capable and even creative in their own way-it’s just that they
attend to very different sides of life, with the other side getting short-changed.
Thus Observers can manage the material world with skill, but the
penalty they pay for ignoring the promptings from within is that these
promptings can gradually fade away, and they may end up with relatively
undeveloped introspective abilities. They may now and then introspect,
but not for long and with little pleasure. On the other hand, Introspectors
practice introspection much of their time, and with pleasure, but the penalty
they pay for this is that they can end up with relatively undeveloped
observational abilities.

See also my blog            Wondering about things not in our presence…

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Naturally Supernatural!

August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Weathering the storm: Naturally Supernatural!