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Techno wizz or techno snob

November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

As per previous posts, it’s pretty obvious that when it comes to technology, I am a bit slow on the uptake. It’s not that I don’t fully enjoy the benefits that come with new developments in technology; it’s just that it takes me a while to actually want to learn about it. Lucky for me I am surrounded by people who are first of all willing to try new gadgets and second of all, patient enough to teach me.

This, in turn, has led me to the use of what is known as a “smart phone” to which I have indeed become addicted to – and here I thought I was going to be the exception to the rule…

Look I’m still no techno wiz and don’t have a lot of apps (yay, I actually know what that means now) on my phone, but I have come to realise that I might be turning into a techno snob.

Let me explain:

I have grown quite fond of the free use of BBM and WhatsApp and this is pretty much how I communicate with… well, just about everyone really. Gone are the days when you meet someone and ask for their number so you can call them, now you get their number so that you can WhatsApp them or even better still, get their BBM pin. This is just how it’s done and how us mere mortals stay in touch. So imagine my surprise when I met someone who went all old skool on me and sent me an SMS. That’s right, you read it – SMS.

I was so confused that for a few moments my fingers forgot how to type and don’t even get me started on running out of characters or pressing ‘send’ before finishing the message. It got to a point where I eventually told him he needs to seriously make a plan and get WhatsApp because this was just ridiculous. I also found that I wasn’t as eager to reply as I normally would be which led me to question whether I have become a techno snob.

To test this theory, I went through my contact list and realised that the people who are not on any instant messaging App, are the same people I hardly speak to anymore (luckily only a few). And in an interesting twist of events, I also came to realise that many people who are on my BBM contact list are not in my phonebook – does this mean that one day telephone numbers will become obsolete? Another ponder for another time.

So yes, it’s official; I have indeed become a techno snob.  I should probably change that hey?

OR, everyone should just get instant messaging!

Yes, yes, much better idea (insert instant messaging smiley face here).


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