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My first poem this year…

February 6, 2013 in Drama & poetry, School

Here’s just a quick post of my latest poem for school(it had to be about monsters)…i will post soon on how the first day was etc..right now I got a speech to learn…



he comes out at night

He’s meant to be, nothing more, BUT A FRIGHT

He’s the minister of disaster 

He’s really much more faster

than either you or me

Have you ever heard a bang at night?

Or a knock on your bedroom door 

Well if you had it was him! Creeping on the floor

You think that you were just imagining

But it’s all really happening

He sneeks into your school bag and takes out your homework book

He erases every single word with an evil look

And when you get to school

Your teacher thinks you are a fool

You tell her it all really happened late last night

you swear with all your might!

3 responses to My first poem this year…

  1. That was such a gud poem ,Mina! Mine is about Dracula’s blood! C u tomorrow!

  2. Thanks, I’m glad u liked it!

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