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My vacation – day 3 (part 2)

January 4, 2013 in Holidays

We relaxed in our room and then it was time to leave:-( *tears* Just when u get used to the place….u have to leave….I wished we could stay longer! The driver took us to the airport, I listened ┬áto Nancy Ajram’s songs in the car (I have most of them on my iPad:-)) (she sings in Arabic) we arrived at the airport and checked in, we snacked on some crisps and chocolates and it was time to board the plane! We were lucky to have 3seats next to eachother and I made sure I take the window seat:-D i played some games on my iPad but before I knew it we already landed in Johannesburg! My holiday had officially come to an end:-( i think the next local holiday HAS to be Kwantu…..again:-)

P.S- I will post pictures later…

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