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My vacation – day 3 (part 1)

January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

the sound of a light drizzle on the roof top woke me up! Today we planned to go to the lions den in a caged vehicle….before I continue last night apart from our complementary chocolates that were left on our pillows, we each got Kwantu caps…BTW my dad has a cap collection so he was glad! (He has caps from all of the countries and places his visited :-D) back to day 3…after breakfast when we were about to enter…the vehicle got stuck in the wet mud so we had to jump off but we still seen the lions….they were all right by the fence as if they were waiting for their next meals! our guide David told us a lot about the lions! We then took a walk back to the hotel! After a scrumptious lunch, my dad taught me how to play pool! At first I was really bad but I improved pretty well!..right dad?:-D the usual check out time is at 11am but we got extra time to check out at 3pm! That’s what I mean when I say the service was GREAT!

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