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Greetings from Kwantu…kinda delayed!

December 26, 2012 in Holidays, Random posts

Do you remember the holiday vacation I told u I was going to?…well anyway it’s my last day:-((( I will do proper posts when I return home, right now I think I’m going to enjoy the WONDERFUL game reserve…I’ll just give u a quick update now! Yesterday(day 2) – highlight was going to the elephant ¬†sanctuary and we sat on elephants….I think camels are a bit more wobbly than elephants ! Today(day3 last day:-( ) – we just had breakfast and now we going to The Lion Den! Yes!!! It’s where u sit in a caged ¬†vehicle and drive through a part of the game reserve where theres ONLY LIONS! Yes! That’s right…and for a change I’m not scared but I’m sure things will change after a while:-) yesterday we also went to the Predator camp, we took a walk around the different enclosures and saw the predators. (Which consisted of lions, cheetas and tigers!) I got really good pictures (the zoom option on the camera was NOT used) ok! That’s it for now.. If have to go our lion den game drive! Bye:-)

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