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Can’t wait for tomorrow!

December 23, 2012 in Random posts

I’m just soooo excited…and I’m sure u know why(you’d know if u read my last post:-)) I’m all packed, only gotta slip my brush in 2morrow morning – the reason, well…I’m obsessed with brushing my hair! Yeah, I know it sounds really weird but its the truth:-) I even brush my hair after my Fajr Salaah (the morning prayer at about 4am) :D

I also wanted to tell you about my new online friend I made(don’t worry, she’s not a complete stranger…well..she has the “moms stamp of approval” :-) ) her names Sana and she’s from Jenin, Palestine! She also loves the Arab Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram! we have quite a lot in common!:D and she speaks Arabic (which I’m learning right now) we speak on twitter, sometimes in Arabic transliteration (sometimes my mum and I also do that when we email eachother…that’s if we don’t type in proper Arabic :D)

Anyway…thats all I have to say today and I think this will be my last post before I go on holiday (Maybe i’ll write a post on my trip…I’m also hoping to see baby animals on my trip so I already have a topic:-) ) til’ then:)….

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  1. Yesss!preparing for your holidays is a lot of fun!

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