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My Baking Day with my granny!

December 11, 2012 in Random posts

Today I had loads of fun baking with my granny! We made biscuits…2 kinds-Custard Biscuits and a Hungarian tart(which my mum loves)…or what I like to call grated biscuits:-)

We had fun mixing and rolling and getting flour on my face:-) As we were about to put the biscuits in the oven, the electricity tripped! About 1/2 an hour later my mum came to fetch me, we had to bring the biscuits to my house to make and we decorated them there…with my granny! Here’s a pic (I posted this on twitter) of the custard biscuits.

These are the custard biscuits after they were decorated!


I think tonight I’ll have a latte (my mum got a Nespresso machine from her brother for Eid) ¬†(that’s if my mum allows me to, but its holidays so she should:-) ) with biscuits while watching TopBilling…sadly I don’t have Disney channel:-(

I will try to post¬†regularly…its the holidays and I’m very busy…not doin much:-)

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