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Kiddie food judge

December 2, 2012 in Random posts

This is how it began- I came home from school and as a routine, I checked my email and the most amazing thing happened..I got an email from Nanima, heres what the email said…and BTW this is the EXACT email( I kept it in my inbox :-) )

salaams,hope you are well..

 If you could ask you parents. I am looking for kiddie judge to judge my final Lunch date competition 1 December 2012. Will you be available to judge?
that is the same competition you aunty Saaleha helped me judge.
this is the finals though and the most important one.
the judge will have to taste food and give them a score and will be videoed as well.
So that was the email! My mum and dad agreed…of cause! 3 Loooong weeks past by and it was finally ‘The Day’…

The event was yesterday, I had loads of fun being a kiddie food judge for the finals of the Nanima Cook Off lunch date! it was AWESOME! You can visit Nanima’s website , heres the address:  The judges were SA Master Chef finalists Manisha Naidu, photographer Rowena Saloojee, author of the book ‘The pride of Indian cooking’ Aunty Mariam Vally. The mystery judges were Nanima, Bachoo (bachoo means child-referring to Nanima’ child) and Madala

Here’s a picture of the judges judging the food…”that’s what we do!” :-)

ME! Manisha Naidu, Rowena Saloojee, and aunty Mariam Vally

I’d like to thank Nanima for the opportunity (and for the recipe book! ) and SieMatic  SA ( the competition was there ) for the complementary gift ! !



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  1. I translated your comment to see what it means…thank you for the kind comment!

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