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November 12, 2012 in School

Today was the WORST day of this entire year!!!!!

We were in a teachers class (name and class not to mention) and “someone” (If I say her name it will make me feel angrier like throwing fuel on the fire) insisted that I…out of all people need a demerit  (something you get in your diary for bad behavior). I think it was last week the class everyone  got a tick (if u get 3 ticks its a demerit) and teacher took  mines out because I wasn’t making noise, apparently I previously had ticks (I only have 1 in the entire year) and this is my third one!

I’m sooooo angry! ‘She’  started talking to me so that I could talk back to her and get a REAL demerit!!!!!!!!

WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE JEALOUS??? Just because I’m a Media Center Prefect and I’m one of the 2 people in the school that has the purple badge doesn’t mean I’m  perfect and I need a demerit even when I DON’T deserve it ! I’m a NORMAL child just like everyone else. I seriously don’t get!

BTW thanks sooo much mum for making me feel better and making me waffles:-P They are delicious!


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