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A scrumptious lunch!

December 17, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts, Travels

After a half an hour tour of the Golestan Palace, we were treated with a scrumptious lunch at the Firdousi restaurant. The setting and decor of the restaurant reminded me a lot of the restaurants that I visited in my previous trip to Morocco! It was stunning!

For starters we had barley soup with Iranian bread. After that was a buffet filled with olives, pickles, breads, and side dishes. Just when we thought that we were finished, special Iranian kababs served on a bed of saffron rice with potatoe wedges and a grilled tomatoe! Just as we finished, we saw creme brûlée that we could not resist! We ended our meal with Turkish coffee and made our way to the Laleh hotel, wether we will be staying tonight. Tomorrow, we hope to leave for the Kish island, where we will be spending 3 days!

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Landed in Iran

December 17, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts, Travels

We landed in Tehran, Iran at around 10am and it was 1degree celcius! We were freezing! I was exhausted after the looong flight. We met our tour guide who informed us that we were leaving immediately for our first tour, I was really excited!

On our way my mum fell fast asleep, lol:) when we finally arrived at the Golestan palace it was beautiful! The inside was even better but unfortunately no pictures were allowed to be taken:(

Amongst all of the replica’s in the palace, were wax sculptures that looked so real! One was the forth king and the last king to live in the palace, the other was the kings son, and the third sculpture was of a famous Iranian artist.

For images, please visit my website,

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Mandela memories

December 10, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts

Last Friday was an important event in history-the death of former president Nelson Mandela…

My mum and I visited his home in Houghton yesterday morning. There were crowds of people and the street was filled with people selling t-shirts and key rings with quotes by Mandela and pictures, it was almost like a little market!

Because of the crowds, my mum parked her car about 2 streets away from the memorial site. It was a wonderful atmosphere full of people singing songs to Mandela, TV crew and many photographers.

My cousins and I made cards which we laid amongst thousands of flowers, candles, and messages.

For pictures of this event, you can visit my website

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November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve been receiving many comments asking if I have a subscribe button. Unfortunately I don’t but if you’d like to subscribe to my blog, you can send a blank email with the subject as ‘subscribe’ to :)

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Finally going to Iran!!!

November 20, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts, Uncategorized

You probably saw the word IRAN & you thought of a bombed city…no, that’s not’s Iraq:)

For 2 weeks, my mum probably called the travel agent 7 times (I’m not exaggerating:)) to book, and then to cancel… But after contemplating for almost a month now, we decided that we finally going! I’m SO excited!!!

It started off when my mum fetched me from school and said ‘how would it be if we went to Iran?’ First I thought NO WAY!! They gonna kill us..I only said that in my mind:) lol! But after doing research, I realised that it’s a beautiful country and unless you from the US/Israeli army and you have a bomb with you, no, they not gonna kill you:)

Right now I’m counting down the days till the trip! I’m so excited! Hopefully if there’s WIFI there, I’ll try to post while I’m there..I’ll also try to post pictures on my website:) (

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Had an incredible weekend!

October 27, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts

Last night my 4 year old cousin wanted to come to our house for the night. We had lots of fun!! He’s so entertaining, I love listening to his looong stories about his younger sister and even younger twin brothers!

After we dropped him off this morning, I actually relised how tired I was! It was such a hectic night!

I saw him again this afternoon, cause my mum, aunty(my cousins mum) and granny were going to watch Diana at the movies. Talking about princess Diana, it reminds me about a recent picture of Prince George at his christening, is it only me, or can you relate that it looks like his wearing a puffy dress:) lol:)
While they were at the movies, my uncle took my cousins and I to Gold reef City for the afternoon. We had lots of fun. It’s funny that I still enjoy some of the kiddie rides, the bad part is that I can’t sit on all of them bcz I’m over 1.5 meters tall… The funny part was that is that when we were walking past the kiddie ‘Cup and saucers’ my uncle & I noticed that the sign on the operators machine actually said ‘Cup and Saurcers’ lol:) they really need to change that! What was also fun, was taking the train from the Kiddie rides the the bigger rides bcz the train goes trough a tunnel which the walls around you are dim and spin around, it really makes you feel like you underground in the gold mines!

After a fun weekend, I’m looking forward to next weekend!:)

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October 17, 2013 in Holidays, Islam & Maddressa, Random posts, Uncategorized

Yesterday was Eid and it was lots of fun! I wait for Eid, especially Eid-ul-Adha because of the sheep:) lol

Yesterday we had 5 sheep at our home and it was great fun watching them in the garden but painful when it’s time to slaughter them…the day before my madressa teacher told us the story of The prophet Ibramhim. Thinking of that makes you feel sorry for the sheep, although I know that I shouldn’t feel like that…

Breakfast time was the best because my 4 cousins came:) they so funny. The twins are absolutely adorable when they try to make sounds and laugh:) lol!

Was was also great was the food! Mmm:) Desserts always make the day sweet:) My mum ordered looovely macaroons, with ferero and creme brûlée fillings! Couldn’t resist to take leftovers to school today!

I hope everyone who is still celebrating enjoys the last 2 days of Eid!:)
I hope everyone celebrating enjoyed their EId!

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My holiday

October 3, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts, Uncategorized

Towards the end of the 3rd term we made a last minute booking to Durban for 10 days:) I really enjoyed it. We stayed at our family apartment, which thankfully is just a walk across the road to get to the beach:)

Something that was really funny, yet scary was when my mum and I were chased…and yes of cause, by monkeys!
We were opening the door of our apartment planning to go to the beach when a huge monkey {I’d be exaggerating if I said it was a baboon} tried to chase us! We ran back into the apartment and looked through the window, only to see 2more monkeys! So in other words we were held hostage in our own ‘territory’ for 20minutes! Finally we saw the caretaker who chased the monkeys’s not over yet:)..when we arrived with the caretaker to our car in the parkinglot, another monkey was waiting on the garage roof! It never ends with those monkeys ! !
Luckily he {the monkey} ran away and we were safe:)

Other than the monkeys I really had a good time spending my mornings on the beach and late nights watching DSTV{we don’t have DSTV at home cause my mum says ‘its tooo much of a distraction from your school and Madressa(Islamic classes) work’ yeah…I made the most of it:))}

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Zain Bhikha’s 20th Anniversary

October 3, 2013 in Holidays, Random posts

So before I mention anything about my holidays…I need to tell you this:

Zain Bhikha invited my cousin and I to his 20th Anniversary which was last night because we send him a fan video! It was AMAZING!! {that isn’t even the word!} absolutely fantastic:) {I’m sure you can see that I’m in a happy mood…just thinking about it makes me happy:)}

My highlights were
-personally giving Rashid Bhikha a gift backstage!
-watching Khalil Ismael{just Google him} perform LIVE!
-having the ‘Islamic comedian’ Omar {I just forgot his}all the way from America as the MC for the night
OMW, it was amazing meeting him personally !!!!:D

{I hope he sees this post:)}

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I’m back:)

October 3, 2013 in Random posts, School, Uncategorized

Recently things have been so busy…{I’m not exactly so sure with what..but they have been busy:) lol}

Oh, about my last post(Leadership camp) I didn’t go:/ I was so excited and all packet but the night before my tummy decided to pickup the bug…

Right now I’m in mood to post lots of posts:) …to make up for when I was ‘A wall’ {i mean AWOL} {my mum corrected me in that one…}or if that’s what my mum says when I don’t blog:) hehe…

Also if you would like to get a notification email whenever a new post is posted, please email me with ‘Subscribe’ in the subject box…you can also email me for any feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts:)